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    Apollo's Exam


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    Apollo's Exam Empty Apollo's Exam

    Post by Nadarr 10th June 2018, 1:44 pm

    Apollo walkthrough the city of Magnolia, it has been quite a while since he's been here but he was not the suede he was here for a much different purpose in the past, now he was here to do a job to kill everyone night shift them for about basilisk fangs purposes. the chieftain was known as the symbol of Hope and justice in Magnolia but that just made Apollo want to end his life a little more, those who are more self-righteous in the others are just faking themselves and everyone around them everyone is the same when you go back down to the base Human Nature…. which is why he's happy to prove this one wrong and kill him. Apollo was unsure if you could take him in a one-on-one fight, Apollo was more of a thinker than a fighter while he was no slouch in a combat situation he wasn't a fighter primarily. so you want to be able to mess he would have to think on his feet and catch him off guard otherwise he have no real hope of winning, being a ruin knight Chieftain he would likely still have allies in the city would help watch over him during his retirement which made this even harder on him. or he was not dissuaded he had started to develop a plan in advance for this exact moment and he would need the help of a few…. citizens to make this work. the first thing Apollo had to do what's simple he had to lower the knight that were guarding him away from him For this she would have to cause a little more chaos in the world if you cause chaos then the ruin Nitric scatter around the town and ultimately leave their post maybe he would even scatter his why would help out depends how much chaos He was able to create. How I didn't know how much chaos he would need to create to luer is Target out of hiding, he could be anywhere in the city but he was sure he would come out of danger came about as it was his duty to defend the city at any cost through his life. Apollo then hiding idea the cathedral the church in the middle of Magnolia would help him greatly. He would start to make his way to the church keeping his head low not to draw too much attention after the last Fiasco we had here with his own Guild mate. however heat that should not be a problem for him I know it was a big Place full of people surely he could walk around unnoticed her least for a little while nothing about him screamed evil initially. I just started to get to the church he will look up at the large Bell Tower in the middle of it before walking inside. the place was not guarded after all it was a cathedral of Worship and holiness that's only priests and worshippers hung around for the most part. she took only a brief. Of time to locate the door. the as someone need to go in and ring the bell. she went inside but did not anticipate anyone seeing him and he was followed as you Traverse the stairs up to the Bell. I had to climb the stairs and started getting to the top something unexpected happened please for him he heard a voice call out behind him. “Hey what are you doing in here….only the bell ringer is allowed up here.” he would say staring Apollo down. Conduit only side rubbing his neck thinking how annoying this cool thing had become. he is now questioning him interfered with his business well not too much hot water yet he had to be dealt with to Apollo and seeing his son was found a polyp to deal with this easily. that and he was in no mood to play with this man you just want to be done out of this city he despise so much bearing in mind he turned around looking at the man. He turned around facing the man sighing “whay did you have to fallow me…” he would sigh slowly reaching for the pistol he and tucked away behind him in his pants. It was over before it even began no words were exchanged only the show shocked expression as Apollo whipped out his pistol pointing to his got the muffle of sounding and fired it into the man's gut pointing up to make sure it hit his heart. the both were magical there there be no entry or exit wound but the force would certainly kill him. Apollo Howard him using his other hand to cover his mouth to prevent any screaming. the man fell went dead in his arms and Apollo set him down shaking his head thinking what a naive and he was coming up here alone after a stranger. but it couldn't be helped the world is full of naive idiots like him out all gone.Apollo the moon use one of those Shields the angle sort of ramp before moving behind the Bell. and then he would Point checkmate at it and pulled the trigger shooting the cable holding the Bell up as it slammed into the shield and rolled down the ramp he had made. then what is all cracked breaking through some Stone the veil was hurled down below for the all the unsuspecting people. Whether anyone actually got hit by the Bell with no concern of Apollo's he just had to make a commotion and make Ruin knights show up. as the bell fell he is a shield to leave the back way since people were distracted by the hurling massive metal flying towards them and when the loud bang it's slammed to the ground making a crater and as Apollo guest the guards in the knights weren’t far behind. How do you motivate yourself to the ground he hit his gun away and found the ruin night Chieftain. running to him acting pack Apollo I figured out what he was going to do. he ran up to him in the started shouting that someone had got crushed by some red will be in the back and needed help lifting it knows no time to explain you just had to come with. the man as predicted came to Apollo's Aid running behind him Apollo pointed around the corner this shouting that he's around there. as the man turned the corner of Apollo smiled sinisterly with all the moon nights distracted by the Bell in the people who got hurt by it no one was around. as the chieftain looked around wondering where the rebel was why he was called here when there was an emergency out in the front Apollo just raised his gun again pointing at the back of the man's head and pulled the trigger. killing him Point Blank with a shot to the back of the head to an unsuspecting foe. there was no fight and was over before it began. as he shot The man Square in the back of the head killing him almost instantly if not the traumas would definitely finish him before anyone could help him. as a shot rang out he could hear the Ruin Knight running to investigate what the sound was and what just happened. but by then Apollo was already running left and all that was left was them seeing Apollo gun as the enemy Sninster smile on his face of a job well done.

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