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    A hired muscle taking the booty for himself

    Kaja Jelen
    Kaja Jelen

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    A hired muscle taking the booty for himself Empty A hired muscle taking the booty for himself

    Post by Kaja Jelen 3rd June 2018, 11:22 am


    A man clad in chainmail and a black coat which displayed a skull of a stag was riding through a city on a white horse. It was without a doubt an odd sight. This medieval figure road through the most advanced city in Fiore, in Motor Town where most people drove vehicles rather than animals such as the war horse of the knight. Godfrey had visited a bar, basically an inn without the sleeping part.

    Godfrey had an empty pint of beer in front of him, he sat somewhere in the back of the bar, when a man joined him on another seat. The man was dressed in a black leather jacket, he had darkened glasses and his hair was shining. “I’m Theobold, and you look like someone who can take care of some business.” Said the man, he grinned, “Refill this man’s glass” Godfrey was first somewhat annoyed, a peasant who got to him telling him he can do some business, but he couldn’t mind the refill. It was his due he thought, “What business?” Asked Godfrey in a hoarse voice, it’s voice hinted annoyance. “I shall cut to the chase, I have a few men who collect money from stores which pay me for protection. And as it is now, my usual guys are both sick. Which means I don’t get paid while I protect them. Can’t let that happen right? I’m willing to pay a reasonable sum of money if you can collect the money for me.” A bargirl came by and replaced Godfrey’s glace with a full one. Godfrey took that time to think about an answer. “Why do you not collect the debts yourself?” Said Godfrey coldly. “Ha, yeah. I would but I’m not so impressive as you are in your armour and with that sword of yours. It will be easier for you to free them of their money.” Theobold grinned, “Think about it man, easy money in a short time.” Godfrey took a gulp from his beer. “Don’t call me ‘man’,” He said stern, “You can call me lord or sir and I will do it. Where do I need to go?” Theobold’s smiled wide, “There are two shops that have not payed.” He took out a map and pointed to two places. Godfrey nodded and left. Theobold called out for him, “I’ll be here the rest of the afternoon!”

    Godfrey leaned in his saddle, he looked at a building with a red sign which read ‘Tobi’s fruits and Veggies’. Godfrey sighed, this is it. He stepped of his horse and walked towards the door. A thick man walked out of the store and shouted at Godfrey. “Eey! Your horse is shitting in front of my store!” The man sounded angry but looked with nervous eyes at Godfrey. “So, he does, who cares. I’m here for Theobold. You owe him jewels.” Said Godfrey short. The man ran back into the store and a moment later returned with a stash of jewels in his hand. “Sorry, sorry sir. I’m sorry here are the jewels!” Tobi had panic in his eyes, he didn’t like to be so close to Godfrey. As soon as Godfrey took the jewels over Tobi backed off towards his store, walking backwards. “I’m sorry.” Godfrey didn’t heed any mind to it and mounted his horse. Off to the next shop.

    Godfrey located the next shop, it was the shop of a butcher named Buck. He seemed to have waited for Godfrey outside. “Ey! I don’t want you here! Sod off ey!” Shouted the man angry. “So, you have heard of my approach?” Said Godfrey on a normal tune. “Ai, news travels fast. Sod off now.” Shouted the man. Godfrey stepped of his horse and walked towards the man. Buck took a knife out of his belt and pointed it at Godfrey. He just grabbed with knife with his left mailed hand without a second thought. The knife could never go through the iron mesh. Godfrey smashed Bucks head bloody twice with his mailed fist and the man loosened its grip on the knife. Godfrey threw the knife away and shouted, “Get me the money oof!” and Buck ran off. Buck back make a moment later, with a cloth pressed against his face and a pouch with jewels. “That will be all” Said Godfrey when he accepted the bag.

    Godfrey road out of the city, keeping the money for himself. Why would he share anything with Theobold? The idiot should have gone with Godfrey to collect his debts.



    A hired muscle taking the booty for himself 0WKR6kK

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