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    A passport for a refugee

    Kaja Jelen
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    A passport for a refugee Empty A passport for a refugee

    Post by Kaja Jelen 3rd June 2018, 9:39 am


    Godfrey wandered around in Hargeon Town, still looking back at his meeting with the lady Lilim, the daughter of his lord Lucifer. He didn’t know what to feel and what to think really, the meeting was odd and felt like a mystic dream. He walked through roads crowded with all sorts of people from all ranks of society. Peasants, merchants and the gentry. It was a market day and all and everyone looked for something, food, jewellery or the oddities brought by trinket sellers. It where things Godfrey didn’t care about yet he took a moment to take a look at the busy people.

    Eventually he grew bored of it and walked on, to a booth with a government official. An associate in front of the booth spoke to Godfrey. “Good day Sir, you look like a capable warrior and mayhap you are even a mage.” The man paused for Godfrey to reply, “I have capabilities in the mystic arts yes.” Was his reply, “What off it?” The associate replied, “Well Sir, the government has decided to open the borders and give out passports. We give them most preferably to mages, so they can work in other nations, which I have to admit, help out Fiore itself!” The man spoke with much enthusiasm, Godfrey only nodded. “The passport itself is free for mages, so are you interested?” Godfrey sighed, but somehow saw the use in it. “Yes, I’m.” He replied shortly. “That is great, you can stand in that line and wait for your turn.” The associate pointed at a short line and nodded to the government official. Godfrey gave another sigh and walked to the line to wait. The time passed rather quickly to Godfrey’s surprise and there was next-in-line.

    “You’re a mage? What is your name? From which guild are you? Age?” The government official didn’t even look up from his papers. Godfrey doubted for a moment, What I’m I doing? “I am. I’m… Bator, Bator Helth. I’m from…” Godfrey, didn’t knew what to say. They would surely not accept a dark guild, “I’m from Saber Tooth and my age is 22.” The man on the other side of the booth looked up from his paper and frowned. “Is it really that hard to name your details?” Asked the official. “I’m just tired,” Lied Godfrey, “haven’t had much sleep.” The last wasn’t a lie in truth, he had not slept at all that night. The official wrote the things down in large book, bound in leather, which acted as a register. After that he wrote the details down on a smaller piece of paper and laid a spell on it. He handed the paper to Godfrey and waved him away. The piece of paper felt odd in his hands, as if it turned in a sort of glass but more flexible. Godfrey held it in the air to look at, all his details where there. He placed it in his purse and walked back towards the inn he stayed in.



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