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    Lost in Iceberg


    Lost in Iceberg Empty Lost in Iceberg

    Post by Guest on 31st May 2018, 3:15 pm

    Job Title: Lost in Iceberg
    Rank: 100Y
    Player Requirements: S Rank or above
    Solo Word Count: 12,000 words
    Group Word Count: 24,000 words
    Additional Requirements: Find out the fate of the missing expedition team.
    Job Location: Iceberg
    Job Description:
    A client in Fiore has requested strong mages to venture into the frozen dangers of Iceberg to find his team that had gone to the land for an expedition. Communication had been lost but the last thing he heard were the sounds of an attack. It isn't much to go on but it should be no problem for an experienced mage or two! The coordinates of the team's last location is given and from there the journey can begin. Dress warmly, avoid causing avalanches, and don't get lost.


    Weak: Animals that can exist in cold environments such as wolves

    Normal: Vulcans in general can be difficult to defeat, but the ones of Iceberg are especially so. They are very resistant to the cold and therefore already have an advantage that most that venture into their land do not have. The ones in this mission encounter are also much stronger physically and can take quite a few hits before being defeated.

    Strong: Ice and snow elementals that somehow managed to evolve and be created even with Iceberg's low magic population. Whatever happened to make their existence possible aside, they are very dangerous. The ice they are made of and create is incapable of melting, and they can freeze a person's blood solid. It's best to avoid getting near them if at all possible.

    Boss: A wandering Frost Giant will be quite the obstacle for the mission of finding the missing team. He had been the one to attack them originally, and he must be defeated if they are to be saved, assuming they have not already met an unpleasant fate. Heavily armored, very strong, and has no clear physical weaknesses. On the bright side, he lacks magical abilities. On the downside, he doesn't really need it.


    Reward: 155k Jewels

    -- credit to Samira Nassar

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