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    To Earthland... And Beyond! [Job|Sousuke]


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    To Earthland... And Beyond! [Job|Sousuke] Empty To Earthland... And Beyond! [Job|Sousuke]

    Post by Sousuke Sun May 27, 2018 6:35 am

    Sousuke woke up -very- early that day, he washed himself with cold water in his hotel bathroom and quickly dressed in his sweater along with a shirt inside as it must be cold outside on that morning as the sun hadn't rise up yet. He looked in the mirror, his golden eyes still glinting like normal but his face looks weary and as if he didn't have enough sleep, but he shouldn't care bout that now, he must hurry up. It was at that day where passport would've been open for registration and all the mage from all over Fiore will come and it the crowd must be one hell of a crowd.

    Despite the cold air, he braved through the cold breezes brushing on his face as he steps out of his hotel door, then closing the door by simply releasing the handle of the door. He walks off to the place where they should be registering, light streets was still on at that time and not even a single hint of the sun rising up could be seen, he was early, very early, which was a good thing to avoid the crowds, but then he got another problem, people are camping near that place indicating there would be crowds even before the registration starts but it's okay he can handle that.

    Hugging his body with his arms to keep himself warm, he walked near to the registration counter where he could see some of the workers setting the place up, he decided to help them with the setting up, he walks up to them, with his wooden sandal and his white sock keeping him from the cold, made the workers notice him due to the slight noise of the wooden sandal, "Sorry but it's not open yet," one of them said and stopped whatever he was doing, Sousuke then quickly replied to avoid any means of misconceptions, "Oh no it's okay I'm just here early and I could help if you'd like me to,", with a friendly smile on his face and his voice calm and kind, the workers looked at each other than back at Sousuke, "Oh it's okay we got this plus only a few people can do the job and not some random people just to avoid any kind of bad things happening," and what came across Sousuke's mind was that they didn't believe in him but that's okay, "Oh if that's the case then never mind I'll just wait," he said and took a step away but just before he leaves the worker said "anyway thanks for offering, not many would've done what you did especially on this cold morning," and Sousuke could only return a smile and left, sat on a bench and waited.

    As the sun rises, linings of silver could be seen, it's dawn and the registration counter was about to open soon, Sousuke stood up from the bench and walked nearer to what seem to be like a table with paperwork on it, but tidied properly though. The worker from before walks up to the counter and smiled at him, "Now we're open and you're the first one, and oh my look at that line," without noticing because he was too focused about the paperwork on the table, crowds are growing behind him and more and more people are starting to line up, "Well let's do this quickly then," he smiled at the worker and sat on the chair provided, the worker asked him to write and sign a few things and he followed every command then at the end of it the worker gave him his passport and he left back to his hotel room to recover the sleep time he lost.


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