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    A Hero Emerges! (Intro)

    Axilmeus Steel

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    A Hero Emerges! (Intro)

    Post by Axilmeus Steel on 24th May 2018, 4:49 pm

    A sinister force seemed to exude from the armored man who approached the halls of Crystal Swan. The guild hall had recently landed, and he had received word of where it would be in advance. After the disbanding of Infinity Hydra, Axil was left without a guild. It hadn't even been a week since his acceptance that the Guildmaster vanished and the members dispersed around Fiore to tend to their own matters. Needing a new guild, Axil had sent a letter through Fiore's mail service to Crystal Swan, hearing of several stories of the airborne mage guild. It took a while, due to the nomadic nature of the guildhall, but it seems that his mail was received, and he got a response after about a month or so. As such, he journeyed from Oak Town to the current location, where someone at Cystal Swan had informed him they would be landing soon. He had assumed this as an invitation to join the guild, and thus was his plan.

    Of course, he didn't really know where he was going or who he was talking to, though he tried desperately to maintain the air of confidence he tried to exude as Darknight. Of course, this very same air could, given the fact that he was a giant muscular man wearing a black suit of armor with a skull shaped faceplate, could also be intimidating to some... most people. It hadn't really occurred to Sigurd, but it could be an extremely bad idea to walk into a legal guild hall wearing the garb of a knight dressed as death.

    Finally, he approached the guild hall proper, located at the center of the place known as Crystalli. There seemed to be several entrances to the guild hall, none particularly looking like the main one. There was a moat, and on each of the cardinal directions there seemed to be a large, but equally sized door. Sigurd stood at the door of the guild hall, preparing to knock, when he hesitated. This could be the first step on a very important journey of his towards becoming the hero of Fiore he has always dreamed of. Was he ready? More importantly... was he even mildly aware that his particular choice of dress might make a bad first impression?



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    Re: A Hero Emerges! (Intro)

    Post by Teufel on 24th May 2018, 7:34 pm

    Grubnard was up earlier then normal today because ever since Min and Ursa had arrived in their lives, Snowy and Min wake up early to go and play in the main area. Ursa sleeps in Grub's bed while Min and Snowy sleep with Nyx in her bed, Grub still slept in his own bed but it was normal for him since Ursa seemed to like him for some reason. Anyway, once Grub was up and head put on his cloth for the day, he looked at his necklace that he wears now to see if damage at all. Still sleepy, Grubnard walk around with Snowy and Min pulling his arms with Ursa following behind, they had let go and Grub walked into someone, still in his second appearance he open his eyes a bit to see someone standing in front of him, he then said,"Sorry, still waking up because my daughters wake up to early." The man looked scary to Snowy and Min so they hide behind Grub.


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    Re: A Hero Emerges! (Intro)

    Post by Theo on 25th May 2018, 10:19 pm

    Theo wasn't normally up this early either, let alone conscious and lacking his sleep-beast demeanor. He had good reason, though. His skin was pale as a freshly bleached sheet, and to be honest he looked like part of his soul was hanging out from terror. As he ran as fast as his jello magic aided legs would carry him, skating at times while leaping high into the air and bouncing as fast as he could at others, the jello mage took little notice of his surroundings as long as he could move forward without being caught. What had Theo so spooked, you may ask?

    Behind him was a small, cute creature. It looked like a bunny and a cat had a one night stand, and despite looking innocuous, flames all but shot from its eyes. It was a she named Lily, and she was his girlfriend Rin's companion. "Theo! Stop this instant!" Lily shrieked, somehow keeping up with his speed just enough for him to have to keep trying. Looking back at the pink floof, a wide-eyed Theo stared at her like a cornered animal mere moments away from being devoured. "Fat chance!" he responded, giving a powerful leap several meters into the air.

    Perhaps he should have been more wary of where he'd land. All he had on his mind was making it back to the guild hall and into the safety of his locked room, where he'd hide from Lily and whatever situation he'd created to make her so angry. But as he descended and looked forward toward his destination, he noted the doorway he'd chosen was blocked...by some guy's back. A guy in armor. That was weird...OH CRAP! "YIIIIIPE! LOOKOUT--"

    Theo crashed into the unfamiliar death-armored man's back like a missile, probably causing a chain reaction into the dragon man who had just ran into the poor guys seconds before.


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