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    Post by Guest on 23rd May 2018, 11:21 pm

    To be completely revamped. Broken af.

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    Name: Blade of War
    Rank: Mythical
    Type: Two-handed Sword
    This blade was once the weapon used by the berserker of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which was regarded as War.  Wherever War roamed, naturally, battle ensued.  War was always the first one to enter any and all battles, as he was the initiator; even the most peaceful lands were ravished by battle once War made his presence felt.  Like all of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse weapons, War has an interesting kink to it - blood.  War blossomed upon the sight of blood, his or enemies alike, because of the fact that it had the Crimson God Slayer Lacrima, the Crimson God known for being the ruler of blood.  The result was that once the Blade of War felt any blood, it would absorb it and empower the user for as long as they fought.

    The blade requires a user which loves combat and drawing blood; if the user of this weapon does not desire for combat and blood, and only that, the blade will be unresponsive and thus will not work with the user.
    * Every post that the blade feels blood that is equivalent to what is a glass of water from any source, the user will gain a 10% boost in strength, durability, and speed.  This can only happen once per post, and will cap out at a 60% boost; the bonus will last till the user is knocked out, or the battle ends.
    * The Blade of War becomes bound to the user, meaning that the one bound is the only one capable of using it.  This also extends to making the weapon unbreakable and unsealable by any means - the user shall forever have the power to use the blade and its spells and abilities, regardless as to what any spell or ability may state.
    * The blade can potentially grow with the user, as it scales in damage according to the users rank.  The blade will deal user ranked damage which caps at A-Rank.
    * The blade scales with rank, meaning a B-Rank mage would not be able to use the A-Rank and above spells the weapon may provide.
    * The Blade of War requires a user who desires only for combat and blood whilst they are in a battle, else it will not respond and the user will not be able to use its abilities.
    * A user that happens to be S-Rank can use the blade’s H-Rank spell, though they do so on their own risk.  Should the S-Rank user desire to cast the H-Rank spell, their remaining magical energy will be completely depleted, though they only suffer from the penalties of having no magical energy at the end of the spell; they are also knocked out for the next 5 posts.  No exception.

    Name: The Horseman’s Body
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Supportive, Buff, Passive
    Each of the horsemen had an extremely powerful body; sure, their weapons were amazingly powerful, but nothing would’ve come of them if they all didn’t have a powerful and durable body.  This passive ability that is activated only by holding the weapon grants the user an extremely powerful and durable body; not on par with that of the horsemen, of course, but it greatly strengthens their overall abilities - speed, strength and endurance.  While with this weapon, the user becomes faster than any sprinter, stronger than any weight lifter, and can withstand and last longer than any boxer or fighter of any kind; in other words, they become peak humans in all of those qualities.
    * Grants the wielder of the Scythe the body of a peak human in multiple aspects.
    * This passive ability only works while the Scythe is within the users grasp, meaning that without this weapon, it cannot be used.

    Name: War’s Eternal Battle
    Rank: C-Rank
    Type: Supportive
    The Horseman of War was the juggernaut of the group, which meant that he was the eternal fighter.  He kept on fighting and fighting while the other Horsemen could not, which won them many battles they otherwise would have lost.  War had this as a constant ability, but the user is able to tap into his blade and allow it to recall the time of when War dominated the field.  When the user activates this spell, their veins in their arms pop out, and their eyes turn red.  They become juggernauts of battle, and have damage reduced by a factor of 35%, whilst gaining a 10% damage increase to their physical attacks.  They also have any debuffs reduced in duration by a factor of 50%.
    * Grants the user damage reduction to all sources and increases their damage to physical attacks.
    * Reduces durations of debuffs.
    * Damage reduction doesn’t apply to spells that are S-Rank and above.
    * Damage increase only applies to physical attacks, no spells.
    * Debuffs aren’t completely erased, only reduced in duration.  If the debuff has a 1 post duration, it will not be reduced in efficiency.
    * If this spell ends whilst the user has a debuff on them, it will resume back to full duration.
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts

    Name: Summon Horse : War’s Steed
    Rank: B-Rank
    Type: Supportive, Summon
    What was ever the point of being called a horseman if you don’t even have your own horse to ride into glorious battle?  The spell begins by the user pouring magical energy into their blade, which causes it to glow a crimson red; the user proceeds to stab the air in front of them, which causes a crimson portal to take form, and what comes out is a red horse whose hair is flames, covered in red, spiky armor; War’s original horse - Genocide.  Genocide, like War, is a berserker, and has come to love War’s ways, and while you may not be War himself, possessing his blade is enough for this majestically horrifying horse to permit you to ride him.  He is your steed, your trusty companion, which the user is able to mount, though it can only be the user.

    Genocide is able to gallop at the speed of 55 miles per hour, and can withstand up to 5 B-Rank hits, or the equivalent to.  If the user mounts the horse, they are able to shout out a battle cry which may be heard and will be heard by anyone within the 45 meter radius from the user.  The battle cry puts allies and himself into a frenzy, causing them to take 20% less damage from all sources (apart from internal ones, such as poison running through the veins), and deal 10% more damage with their physical attacks, but, through the duration, they will constantly be fighting.  Enemies will have fear struck in them, which reduces their speed by 40%.
    * Grants allies more damage and allows them to take reduced damage, also reducing the speed of opponents
    * Summons Genocide, War’s horse, which may gallop quickly, or be used as a meat shield if truly required.
    * Only the summoner is able to ride Genocide
    * Anyone who was outside of the hearing range of the battle cry will not be affected
    * Allies will be consistently fighting through the duration of the spell
    * Doesn’t reduce damage from internal effects.
    * Damage increase only applies to physical attacks.
    Duration: 6 posts/ shout is instant
    Cooldown: 7 posts

    Name: Battle Rage
    Rank: A-Rank
    Type: Offensive
    This ability was possibly War’s most destructive ability.  It has a passive and active ability.  The passive ability is that it reduces damage from all sources, apart from internal ones, by 10%.  The active ability strikes the foe for simple A-Rank damage, though for every 20% health that is missing, the damage is increased by a factor of A-Rank damage.
    * Grants a passive that reduces damage.
    * Active gets stronger the more health is lost.
    * User has to lose a good deal amount of health in order for the ability to become stronger
    * Damage reduction doesn’t apply to internal effects.
    * Without the damage addition, this ability deals only A-Rank damage.
    * Can only be used up close, meaning it’s melee.
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 6 posts

    Name: Core Reflection
    Rank: S-Rank
    Type: Defensive
    The user begins the spell by concentrating their magical energy into the weapon, causing it to pulse a milky white.  Now, what the user is able to do is to reflect any and all offensive spells that may come towards them; the user is able to reflect up to 2 S-Rank spells, or the equivalent to, and because they’re reflected, they’ll be sent back to the location they came from with the exact same factors as they were sent, which means that the foe may have their own spell hit them.
    * Allows the user to reflect back spells towards the foe.
    * The reflection may potentially damage the foe, and a substantial amount can be reflected.
    * Cannot reflect H-Rank spells
    * Works only on ranged spells
    * No guarantee the foe will get hit with their own spell.
    * Also doesn’t work on AoE spells.
    * Will end prematurely if the wielder reflects back everything they can
    Duration: Maximum of 5 posts.
    Cooldown: 8 posts.

    Name: Undying Fury
    Rank: H-Rank
    Type: Supportive, Buff
    This spell was what rightfully gave the Horseman of War the title of “The Eternal Juggernaut”; the spell begins by the user allowing the blade to put them into a rage, causing their eyes to glow red, their hair fly wildly, their veins pop from seemingly everywhere, and their skin to become extremely hot.  During this state, the user cannot die.  The user can take damage but they will refuse to go down 1% health.  Once the user reaches 1% health, they also cannot be affected through any crowd control and nor can the likes of poison and such affect them; any debuffs are completely negated.  Furthermore, the user gains a 200% increase in physical damage and speed.  With the ability “Battle Rage”, if the user is at 1% health, it counts as though they’re at 0% health, so they gain that final stack of attack.  The only spell that becomes a passive ability is the B-Rank spell.  Lastly, since the user is in a rage, they will attack anything and everything in their path, with the exception of Genocide, the horse.
    * The user cannot die; they refuse to go below 1% health.
    * Once the user gets to 1% health, literally nothing can stop them, and they gain an enormous boost.
    * When the user achieves 1% health, their health counts as though it’s at 0% towards their Battle Rage spell.
    * The spell can only be used when the user has 25% or less health remaining, meaning that if they can be finished off without actually dropping the user to 25% health or below, they cannot use this ability.
    * Power comes with a cost; this spell may be casted by S-Rank mages, though it drains the remainder of their magic completely after it ends (they cannot use any other spells), and H-Rank mages will have a good 40% of their magical energy shaved off, should they use this ability.
    * Usable once per thread.
    * The major and true purpose of this spell can only be achieved once they reach 1% health
    * The user will attack any and everything in their paths upon activation.
    Duration: 7 posts/ 3 posts if achieved 1% health
    Cooldown: Rest of the thread

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