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    Unnatural Epidemic


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    Completed Unnatural Epidemic

    Post by Ruvel on 23rd May 2018, 2:26 pm

    The day began as it normally had with him waking before the sun had even started to rise over the horizon, the thing is it was well before he should have and this made the youth beyond unsettled. The reason for this was because the only time he had ever done it within the facility was when something bad happened hours later. He had banged on the facilities door trying to warn them but was met with a severe beating for his efforts, three hours later as an experiment was taking place not far from where his own usually took place. The person in question had broken free killed the four scientist within the room and then went on a rampage killing other 'chosen' saying he was saving them and their souls. Ruvel was glad that it was done on a day that he didn't have to have tests done or he may not have survived, he did feel both sorry and relieved for those who had died as now they wouldn't suffer.

    The culprit when caught was taken to the centre of the encloure they all called home were Ruvel and everyone else had been summoned to watch the public execution of a boy that didn't seem to old. They said that he was being made an example out of so that no one else got stupid ideas into their heads and acted in such an uncivil manner. He remembered as they slowly started to disembowel and dismember this person for doing what he believed to be right. As he thought on it he could hear his screams so vividly begging for help and mercy, for someone to safe him. The entire crowed was to scared to make a sound let alone move, Ruvel remembered he had moved behind one of the taller kids shaking; they protected him as best they could from the sight as well as comfort him.

    After the screaming was done and the body lay in bloody pieces on the ground, everyone was notified that they would be going without food for three days and were then dismissed back to whatever they normally would be. The body had been left there to serve as a reminder but as they left if seemed they had a dark thought, one that twisted his stomach even now. They said that the fast would hold as no food would come from the facility, however, if people felt like they needed to eat they had meet just sitting there. With cold laughs they entered the facility the doors closing and then locking behind them. For almost a day and a half no one went near but then hunger started to set in, Ruvel nor the girl he came to know as Demi went near the centre of town during that time. It had been hard given there was always so little food to go around but Ruvel put half of the things that could be kept in places others either didn't know about or couldn't get to so during that time he and Demi had some food but it was only a quarter portion each. Ruvel often only ate once a day so that Demi could have a somewhat normal sized meal, others eventually found out and took the little they had after breaking a few of his ribs. He bore them no ill will since their basic need was taken from them although he would have shared the little they had if they had just asked him.

    Days passed and bit by bit the boy who had been executed had been devoured by those who once called him friend out of the hunger they had felt. Ruvel watched silently not partaking even when offered, the thought of doing such a thing made his stomach turn and was glad that he had never eaten meat. He could only imagine what the others had felt during that time when they where forced by the need to survive to do the unthinkable. That time had passed now, he was no longer in that hellish place but he still felt as if he was as he found himself being unable to break the chains that they had placed on him as he grew. Ruvel was just glad that he no longer woke in cold sweats wanting to scream so often, his eyes however wandered down to the binding runes on his ankle. He remembered the day they as well as many more were placed on his body, he had no idea as to why and knew better than to ask about it so it even now remained a mystery to him.

    It was to early for him to drink or eat anything but he knew he would be unable to go back to sleep now that he was awake, yet another habit that was wanted broken by others but he was happy with how he was. Standing he moved to check on the sparrows that seemed to share the space where he slept. When he was happy with how they were he then took a slow walk towards the front of the company's headquarters, he knew the doors would be open to only those who wore the guild's mark before a certain time. This was for the protection of the companies late night employees, it was understandable especially with the recent attack that happened in one of the towns nearby. Still he couldn't shake that, that attack was only the beginning to something much more sinister. His hand went towards the door but quickly moved to his head as he felt a sharp pain stab into it suddenly. "What's going on?" he asked quietly struggling to keep on his feet.

    'Our summoner we need to call on our contract' Amuul said gently to Ruvel, 'We are are sorry to ask this of you...' Shindara continued 'our uncle is becoming sick and it is not good for our realm.' Amuul finished, Ruvel nodded knowing they wouldn't be asking if it wasn't something serious "Tell me where we are going and why so information can be left for Cirven so at least he knows not to worry if it takes me a while to get back." he said now opening the door and heading to the reception desk 'A letter has been left inside his office, we wanted to do that before asking you.' Shindara stated calmly 'We knew that you couldn't deny our request, please come time is critical.' Amuul said tone showing that he indeed wasn't joking about how dire their need was.

    "I would go but I have no idea where I'm going or why" he said turning on his heel and walking right back out of the reception lobby. 'In the north western section of this place there is a new town that has been recently founded...' Shindara informed Ruvel coming from his shadow as it was dark enough for him to walk normally beside him where Amuul remained within his summoners shadow 'The problem is there is an unnatural epidemic that has shown itself there. We don't know what or who caused it.' Amuul continued as they went to were ruvel could summon shade knowing he could get him to where he had to go quickly. "So how does this effect your uncle?" he asked not knowing much about their family other than they are royals. Shindara stopped in his tracks making Ruvel do the same and look towards the taller albino male 'Our uncle is death our summoner, this plague is upsetting the natural order and this is why he is becoming sick.' he explained a saddened under tone to his normal steady and calm voice.

    This is all that the Raven haired youth needed to know before he nodded, he knew family was important and that a person should protect it with everything they have. His summons and Cirven he knew as his family and so if he could protect them he would. 'Shade please allow me passage to where I need to go.' he thought stepping int a shadow and appearing out of a tree by the town he was requested by the twins to investigate "How bad is it in there?" he asked him in a whisper knowing they could hear him 'Very, but we will let you see for yourself.' he said walking beside Ruvel who no sooner than entered the village than covered his nose the stench of decay, death and burning assaulting his nostrils "What the hell is going on in this place?" he demanded this time not wanting to wait even a second later to get answers, if he believed in the divine and higher powers he would swear from what he smelt alone that this place was cursed and abandoned by their graced.

    I was then at the corner of his eye he seen something move but it wasn't like anything he had ever seen before from the way it was moving, he wanted to believe that perhaps it was a drunk stumbling home. That was until it had moved into the like and seen the decaying, discoloured flesh it wore as skin "S.. Shindara...." he stuttered not knowing what to do, without another word the summon sprung forward drawing the straight sword from his side cutting the man's head clean off in one fatal strike before sheathing it once more. "Explain and make it good because I want to know what I am dealing with here or I will go regardless of contract." he was frightened that he felt like he was put into a situation that he didn't understand all that well. 'The plague, contagion or whatever you would like to call it reanimates the dead.' Shindara explained, that much made sense why Death would be upset as the dead weren't meant to walk after they died "Then a specialist could be called for that." he said his dual coloured eyes looking around constantly in case they got attacked once more, but he seen the summon shake his head "Why not?" he asked his tone concerned as he realised that this was likely about to become a lot more complicated.

    'That is only one part of the issue our summoner' Amuul said calmly making the youth sigh, they realised what they where asking from him was a lot, but they had no other option open to them given the situation "Then stop giving me little of the information and tell me everything already." he huffed, he was already in a bad mood given he didn't sleep a lot as it was then being asked to do a task without all the information wasn't helping him any that was for damned sure. 'It can affect the living too.' Shindara said walking to the left side of his young summoner, he stopped as Ruvel did "This is contagious!" he bellowed shindara picked up Ruvel and started dashing down the streets quickly dodging enemies with ease 'Yes, very. It makes people go against their nature before slowly and painfully killing them.' Shindara explained putting him down in a garden that seemed untouched. "Shindara, are you both crazy? I'm more suseptible to illness and disease." he protested but again the taller male shook his head.

    'Not in this case our summoner, you might be the only one immune to this making any summon you have immune through connection.' Ammul said now stepping out of his summoners shadow to stand by his twin brothers side 'You have no darkness, you can gain no darkness through a flaw in your design meaning you can not go against your nature, does this make better sense?' Shindara asked making the smaller male nod "Yes, but there has to be more to it" he said knowing if it was that simple the could take care of the undead and the town could be quarantined until they could find an antidote. 'The issue is what happens after they go against their nature, they spend two months slowly and painfully dying.' Ammul explained the small youth flinching as he heard a shriek "What the hell was that?" he asked with a shaken tone, his whole body feeling tense as he had no idea what to expect next 'A death shriek, means someone who was affected has just died.' Ammul said his eyes closing "But that means they will rise again as a dead person doesn't it?" he said remembering the earlier conversation making the two nod in unison.

    "Are there any survivors?" he asked scared if there was as they where still in danger from being infected but at the same time he worried about if they told others then there would be mass hysteria and that could just cause issue in itself. Then if they where in fact infected and not showing any signs that was just another issue as they could give it to others and it would just start this issue all over again. "Why does this stuff always seem to happen to me?" he grumbled quietly 'Yes, there are survivors our summoner' Shindara confirmed 'one thousand and six hundred people by our estimation.' Amuul chimed in 'but we think just over half of them are infected.' Shindara finished waiting for Ruvel to make his decision. The youth had no idea how to tell one from the other so rubbed his forehead trying to think "Do they show any physical signs that they are affected but not yet showing symptoms?" he asked the twin brothers who again nodded 'their eye colour is reversed.' Amuul commented

    'While we are doing this we are radio silent with the others, if they find out and then we could end up putting them in danger and they will want to help. This can't be allowed, do you all understand?' he sent to his summons in their entirety who begrudgingly agreed for the most part, the healing and defensive summons agreeing with his request fully. "Now that is sorted we need to get the survivors out and moved to a secured town for observation, this town needs to be quarantined and those who are dead need to be taken care of and burned." he said starting to move around trying to find signs of those who claimed to be untouched by this vile outbreak, Ruvel wanted to know what the hell this was, who would release such a vile thing and why they had done it in the first place. He may have not liked fighting but this person, people or organisation would pay dearly for what they done to this town, he would make sure of it.

    Over the next few hours he started to look in places he believed that people would look for sanctuary or answers for what was going on, eventually he found some people in a boarded up church 'Shade I need to get inside.' he said realising they would likely only open the door if they needed to fetch something, not that he could blame them given the corpse littered streets he had come across. With the help of his summon he walked into a near by shadow and out of one inside the church. To see the place cramped to the point you couldn't walk anywhere was unsettling, before he knew it he had a sword to his throat by a man whom then had a scythe to his. "I suggest you lower your sword if you know what is good for you." the familiar voice of Demi came fourth, but unlike the warmer voice Ruvel was use to hearing it seemed almost angry "Demi, are you alright?" he asked her concern heard in his voice "Not really, the death realm is in bad shape thanks to the goings on here." she said, the moment the man heard her speak about the death realm he jamp back in fear.

    "Be calm, if I was going to reap you; you'd already be gone." she said leaning against her scythe. The commotion drew the eyes of the entire hall to Ruvel and Demi making the youth feeling nervous but this wasn't the time for such a thing "Who are you? What do you want? how did you get in here?" came the fast hitting questions of the scared mass, he felt sorry for them that was for sure. "My name is Ruvel Mizune, I am the vice president of the West Fiore Trading company." he said in a loud voice calmly so they could all hear. "I want to help.." he said but before he could continued he heard scoffing "Sure you do, you in your ivory tower." one woman said "Come here because you felt sorry for us did you?" chimed a male, "bad PR if people died here isn't it." added another, he could understand their frustration but at the same time he wasn't their enemy and wonder if this was what they really thought of the company or if this was the fear speaking.

    "Everyone is welcome to the company we have never discriminated, if you required assistance then we would have sent it." he started as he shook his head "Of course I feel sorry for the plight of this place. There is a bigger picture here as not only here is being harmed by this illness but the realm of death is being effec-" he said "Oh so it's not to help us." a woman said aggressively "You don't understand, the illness here is affecting there so helping you brings the balance back, please try to understand. I know you are all scared and I will help you, the company will help you." he insisted and was left by laughter "All there is here is you." a man said stepping forward shindara and Amuul both unsheathing their swords pointing their blades towards the man. Ruvel pushed the blades down and walked forward "Yes, I am here alone because I am the only one in the entire company immune to what is happening here so you want help you need to listen to me or I will leave you to your fate, your choice." his voice stern, showing he wouldn't back down he knew that he couldn't afford to in he hoped to help these people. "Feel free to mock me, hit me, throw your petty insults... I've been through it and far worse. I am a single person but I am a summoner, my summons are also immune as I am. They can take you to another town that the company has been setting up, it is almost complete but until we can check you all over you can't leave here and while there we must ask you to remain there." he said sighing gently "If this got out it would cause a mass panic and that could be far more deadly than whatever this is, so please... let me help you." his voice soft and sincere as he spoke to the crowed glowing golden tears rolling down his cheeks.

    It was then an elderly male stood and walked towards him, his hands cupping his cheeks to wipe the tears away "Only the divine can cry such pure tears, listen to him." the man ordered the hall falling silent Ruvel looking to him "I'm not divine, I don't believe there are gods." he said to the elderly man "You're much to young and to fragile to think such things, I hope the future will be brighter for you." he replied, it was then that Ruvel noticed the mans milky blue eyes and realised he was blind "What do you need from us Ruvel?" the man asked "I need to look into everyone's eyes, there's a tell tale sign there. I will not say what it is as that could cause issues." he explained "You will have our full co-operation" he said before instructing people to do as was asked.

    'shade, I need a portal to Guhai town' he said as he slowly checked people's eyes, if they where normal he instructed them to go to the shadow if not he told them to remain, it hurt him so that he had to separate families. He told each of them not to worry that they would find a cure and though he had no idea when that may be they would be able to communicate through holographic lacrima that would give solid illusions, that both sides would be cared for as if nothing was wrong. He hoped that the cure would be found soon so he could see the reunions but he knew that it could take years for such things could happen and for that he'd need samples of everything within the town. This was alive, dead, before and after, plants, soil; if he could get a sample he was going to get one as he thought it was better to be safer than sorry.

    After finishing his unpalatable task he left the church his heart heavy as he started to gather the things he thought that may hold the key to solving the mystery plaguing this place. During weeks that followed he had sent eight hundred people to the other city, his summons playing executioner for those who wished to end it before they where taken by it, giving solice to others who wished it as he continued his tasks, every day becoming more tired as he pushed to help the people like he said he would. His eyes starting to glow like a bright sun and moon, he eventually collapsed holding the box filled with his samples the golden tears falling "I'm sorry, I failed you all" he whispered Shindara picked him up holding him close looking to Amuul 'Warrior, remain here and those who have gone to far kill them' he instructed Barthenz 'Gladly, just get him out of here. He pushed way to much.' he sent back knowing that between Demi, Korvin and Barthzenz using their own energies to remain in the realm could keep the peace while Ruvel got much needed rest and the samples could be given to Sol to try figure out a cure.

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