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    [Job - Solo] Passport troubles


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    [Job - Solo] Passport troubles Empty [Job - Solo] Passport troubles

    Post by Aedion 23rd May 2018, 1:20 pm

    Job specifics:

    Zen Astair
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    While the young man found a new home at the Ace of Spades, he still wished to travel the world. On this particular journey Zen found himself in Rose Garden. He heard about it before, but to actually be there in person was something else. No words could express the beauty of the place. The sheer expensive beauty. While he once had a great stack of blood money with his name on it, that was a thing of the past. Now when he looked at some of the prices in the windows, his head spun. That kind of life wasn't for him. He did pick up a relatively reasonably priced meat on a skewer from a restaurant that had a window for people to buy from outside. It tasted great and the char gave it a nice flavour profile, but was it worth the pricetag? Not exactly. With lighter pockets, Zen walked onward.

    The streets were filled with people, yes, but there was a huge crowd of people huddled around something or someone in one of the squares. His interest piqued, he pushed some people aside, as he slowly made his way forward. The people weren't happy about somebody pushing in front of them, of course, some of them murmuring curses under their breaths as he pushed onward. One old lady in particular gave him quite the mouthful, when Zen walked gently pushed past her. The young man didn't really care about the insults that bystanders hurled at him, but soon enough he saw the reason for this gathering. It seemed that there were passports being issued, that allowed travel between countries. Such an asset would prove useful in his quest to gather recipes form all over the world. With a little sighed, Zen kept on pushing forward. He had no time to wait in an extremely unorganised queue.

    The young man kept on pushing through, with the people getting more roused. Once he got to the desk, the officials were glaring at him. "There's already a lineup sir, as you can see." The official said and motioned at the people around him and they murmured their agreement. Zen only gave him back a shrug. "It doesn't seem like a normal queue to me, just a bunch of people bumping into each other, hoping that they will move forward in the next hour." The people around him got quiet, as they thought about what Zen just said. Zen used the confusion to his advantage. "Since you have nobody to work with as of right this moment, do me a favour and make me a passport, so that I can just leave." He said in a firm voice. The official was taken aback, but nodded, wanting to get rid of Zen, who was obviously disrupting the so-called flow of the work. After a brief filling out of some paperwork, Zen was walking away with a passport of his own. With a cheeky smirk to the crowd of people, he disappeared into the other crowd of people, who were on the street.
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    [Job - Solo] Passport troubles Do4zQ5K

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