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    Technophile's Dream [Job/Solo]

    Vhesira Lithvir
    Vhesira Lithvir

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    Technophile's Dream [Job/Solo] Empty Technophile's Dream [Job/Solo]

    Post by Vhesira Lithvir on 21st May 2018, 10:57 am

    Vhesira was practically sprinting as she hurried toward the factory. As soon as she'd learned of this job, she'd immediately wanted to do it for the simple fact of being able to go to the factory and see where these iLac's were made. She admitted that having her magic shut down while here was unnerving, but it was an acceptable trade-off for coming here, in her opinion. She soon arrived at the factory, and was practically vibrating as she waited for someone to meet with her. Eventually a somewhat older gentleman, perhaps in his early fourties, with glasses came out. Or, more precisely, an older gentleman with glasses that seemed to take up 90% of his face came out. They were absolutely massive, and made his eyes look ridiculously tiny. Vhesira would have been hard pressed to not laugh if not for the fact she was too excited.

    "Ms. Lithvir, correct? We got your message about answering the job posting about the new iLac device. If you would come right this way, we can-" The man froze as Vhesira, who was a good bit shorter than him, was suddenly in his personal space, practically pressed up against him as she looked up at him with wide, starry eyes.

    "Will I get to see where they are made? How they are made? I want to know everything!" Her excitement was palpable, and her proximity was enough that the man cleared his throat a bit, a little flustered by the beautiful young woman being so close.

    "I don't know if that will be possible, but-" Again he was cut off as she grabbed his arm, hugging it to herself between her breasts as she looked up at him pleadingly.

    "Please? I promise, I won't touch anything, and I won't say a word to anyone! I just love things like this and I really want to know more about them..."

    "....W-well, I suppose... if it's only for a short while..." He went beet red as Vhesira giggled and hugged his arm more tightly, leaning into him.

    "Thank you so much! I promise, you won't regret it sir!" She hummed happily to herself as the man led her into the factory a bit stiffly.

    "R-right... well... h-how could I say no to such a... enthusiastic plea?"

    Vhesira couldn't get the bright smile off her face as she practically danced out of the factory, fiddling with her new iLac. It was a nice jade green in color, with a bit of purple trim. While she was happy to have the new device, she was more giddy about having been able to see where and how they were made. The thought and ingenuity that went into these small devices was wondrous to behold, and the fact she was one of those who got to see it just made her day. She giggled, doing a little twirl, stopping briefly to wave at the man with the enormous glasses. What a nice man, she thought... he'd never given his name though.

    As she looked through the device, she noticed that a contact had already been added to the device. She didn't recognize the name, but she did recognize the picture; it was the man who gave her the tour, and she blushed slightly. "Oh... well. That's not... what I expected." She shifted a bit uncomfortably, but didn't delete the contact. She wanted to remember his name, though she didn't think she'd ever call him. He was nice, but... she really wasn't interested. Perhaps she'd call him to thank him some time, though. For now though, she was just eager to get used to this new device!

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