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    No one can hide from the hunters

    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    No one can hide from the hunters Empty No one can hide from the hunters

    Post by Julius Seas 18th May 2018, 2:12 pm

    Julius Seas

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    The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time ~ Forest tempel:

    Dark, creepy and no way of knowing which way to go, that would've been an perfect way to describe the Lycan woods. Bushes were rustling left and right without knowing if it is even an animal lurking in them, W-W-What do you think that lurks in those bushes, J-J-Julius? Squable said as he hid underneath Julius' hat. I don't know, maybe something that likes to eat green parrots? Julius said with a soft chuckle. That isn't funny! Squable yelled. Julius and Squable weren't the only ones in the Lycan woods with them were two Vice Presidents from the West Fiore Trading Company. One of them being Ruvel, Julius had met them before he disappeared from the trading company. As far as Julius could tell, he was kind of an odd ball since he acts like a child yet he doesn't look like one, but when it came to appearance or personality traits Julius was the last one who should judge. The other VP was a man with an beard that every man would be jealous about named Johann, Julius didn't knew a lot about him other then the fact he became VP right after Julius left though he doesn't hold grudges against neither Johann nor Cirven for making that decision since Julius basically left without any goodbyes. There was one other person who were with them though Julius didn't knew their name, so Julius decided to take the initiative and asked their name. So who might you be if I may ask? Now where are my manners? Julius Seas at your service! Now who might I have the pleasure of meeting with?

    By the way Julius, what are we even doing in this forest? Squable said, who was still underneath Julius' hat. I will tell you when you stop being such a drama queen! It's just a dumb forest! Stop being so dramatic! Julius pulled Squable from underneath his hat. Now, as to why we are here! An village that is settled near the cursed lands has recently been attacked by werewolves. Some villagers were looking for where the werewolves live's and apparently it's in the very forest we're walking in! All we have to do is kill the werewolves that are attacking the village and then call it a day! Sounds easy right? Julius said as he patted Squable on the head while Squable looked rather disturbed.


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    No one can hide from the hunters X9tEBuc

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