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    Hosenka Donne La Vie [Private | Hana]

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    Hosenka Donne La Vie [Private | Hana] Empty Hosenka Donne La Vie [Private | Hana]

    Post by Mura Kensho on 16th May 2018, 11:57 am

    Spa Town… wait, it was called Hosenka. It was known as the Spa Town, though, due to its tourism focusing highly on the delicate, luxurious spas that the city hosts. With branches and vines hugging the pillars and walls, Hosenka was a classical, Greek-looking city in the land of Fiore. Ah… last time that he was here was during a small siege by a bandit group from Seven. Those beasts tasted Mura’s blade and fled, gladly, and left Spa Town behind with its oh so golden status and glory. And so, after about a year, he had returned to the baths and towels - yet not alone again.

    His frosty yet heartwarming companion, Hana, was with him. And just as always, her mere presence was so calming and relaxing - adding to the already relaxing atmosphere from all the steam that leaked out of the houses and caverns. This city, no matter the time of year, was always coated in a clear fog from all the gallons of heated water that would warm up the guests. It was so warm, and it also created a moist layer on everyone’s bodies and clothing, but most of Hosenka’s inhabitants had gotten used to it after years of settlements. Some even weaved clothes specifically to absorb the moist vapors and having the capability to extract this vapored water off the clothes and reuse it later.

    the shaman let out as he saw a little line in front of an entrance. The entrance was leading to a huge area filled with different domes and marble blocks with steam and spicy scents leaking out into the air. Promptly, he grabbed Hana’s hand and asked: “Let’s relax, shall we..?”


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