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    Infernal Spirit Locks


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    In Progress Infernal Spirit Locks

    Post by Waterz on Tue 15 May 2018 - 20:42

    The Infernal Spirit Locks. These special padlocks are made of a unusal black steel. The front face of them embalzoned with bright red symbols denoting the constellation held within.  Each one with a rival spirit in some aspect. Andromeda (Aquarius), Vulpecula (Taurus), Delphina (Cancer), Cassopeia (Virgo), Aquila (Sagittarius), Draco (Leo), Phoenix (Aries), Orion (Scorpio), Lupus (Gemini), Lacerta (Capricorn), Hydra (Pisces), and Apus (Libra). Some are atagonistic, such as Scorpio and Orion. Some are rivals that sharpen each other, Such as Draco and Leo.
    Name: Onyx Lock
    Rank: Artifact
    Type: Spirit Summoning Lock
    Infernal Spirit Locks OQpYVcr

    • Summons a Spirit on Par with the Celestial Spirits of the Golden Keys


    • Rapid Mana Drain
    • The user takes Rank Damage opening the lock.

    Abilities: A closed Onyx Lock has no special abilities other than weighing a twice as much as it should weigh (about 1 kg). However, when it is unlocked, it opens the gate that brings the powerful spirit into this world. The summons follows all the same rules as Celestial Spirits. A odd feature one would find is that the bottom of each lock has a keyhole that seems to fit the spirit rival's key. If the Golden Key for the Rival (Such as Aquarius) is inserted and turned in the lock (Andromeda) Both Spirits are summoned with a unison raid unlocked.


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