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    Cutting in Line (Job/Solo)

    Elvira Arcade
    Elvira Arcade

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    Cutting in Line (Job/Solo) Empty Cutting in Line (Job/Solo)

    Post by Elvira Arcade 12th May 2018, 8:28 pm

    Job: To Earthland...And Beyond!

    Elvira walked casually around the corner to the docks, her white shirt open to reveal the bathing suit underneath, if she got her passport in the next hour she could still make that cruise. How was she supposed to know they needed passports now? She paused when she saw the see of humanity breaking like waves at the front door of the passport office a block ahead. Her expression was blank as she entered the line behind a yellow Exceed carrying a suitcase.

    "Pardon me." She said, reaching down to tap him on the shoulder. The Exceed turned and stared upwards into the large pair of breasts above him, blinking for a moment before leaning to the side to look up at Elvira.

    "Y-yes! Hi, hello!" He stammered.

    "How long have you been waiting?" She inquired.

    "Umm, what time is it now?"


    The little cat counted on his fingers for a moment and then answered, almost proudly, "16 hours!"

    "I see..." She said, turning and walking around the side of the line; disappointing the Exceed who'd just lost his busty line partner.

    Her eyes drifted over the crowd obstructing her way to a weekend of sunbathing, drinks with little umbrellas, and strapping deckhands. Business people, couples, and families mostly, plus a smattering of other people. She walked to a nearby food stand and bought an apple, putting it in her pocket as she glanced around. Her eyes surveyed her surroundings as she began a series of calculations.

    Her first stop was a small toy store carrying a variety of action figures designed to resemble famous wizards, she knew these were incredibly popular with children today. She convinced the shopkeep she needed something from the back room and proceeded to shut him in and bar the door with a chair as soon as he'd entered. Taking some markers and a signboard she quickly crafted a "90% off, tonight only!" sign and set it out front as she made her exit. By the time she'd made her way down the street to the news stand with the scrolling lacrima signboard, she could already hear the screams of needy children dragging their parents towards the store.

    She disposed of the news stand's proprietor in a similar fashion and hopped over the counter of the now vacant stand, reprogramming the lacrima to display a flat 30 point drop in all of the stocks it was displaying. In a flash, panic spread amongst the business travelers, all of whom charged away to return to their jobs.

    Finally she made her way to a small horse drawn wagon parked at the end of the street. She fed the horse her apple and petted it gently as she glanced at the people remaining in line; healthy, you, good reflexes. She swatted the horse's butt, sending the wagon flying down the street, much to the nearby carriage driver's horror. Elvira let out a scream to ensure everyone saw it coming and draw a card in case she needed to stop the wagon from hitting someone. However, just as she suspected, everyone easily managed to dive out of the way, most were too shocked to immediately get back into line ~perfect.

    In the span of about 15 minutes the line was completely gone, well, almost. The little yellow Exceed stood bravely at the front of the passport office as she returned to her place behind him. Her grinned as she returned.

    "Great timing!" He beamed. "Everyone finally left."

    "Lucky us!" She laughed, giving the Exceed a once over. "Hey...wanna come on a cruise?"


    Cutting in Line (Job/Solo) MNaPexz

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