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    The Cards Speak (Gaia's C Exam)


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    The Cards Speak (Gaia's C Exam) Empty The Cards Speak (Gaia's C Exam)

    Post by Gaia 12th May 2018, 7:56 pm

    The tavern seemed to be as lively as it could be when a short, black haired woman, wearing blue glasses, entered it hesitantly. This wasn't a setting for her. She wasn't really a tavern person. Maybe they sold something she enjoyed. Her hand tugged at the cloak, that was around her shoulders, as she takes a deep breath. Seating herself at a table that was for two in a corner of the tavern, she looks around curiously from her blue rimmed glasses. She still hadn't gotten her magic down yet. That's the only reason why she didn't personally call herself a mage yet. She could have sworn she felt something from her cards before she left her home, but now there was nothing. She closes her eyes and frowns as she thought of 'home'. It wasn't 'home' to her anymore that place was-

    "Would you like to order anything, miss?" A voice interrupted her train of thought, causing the black haired girl to look up to see a busty blond smiling curiously down to her. "Are you lost? Or are you an adult? And... is that a pet?" She points to the fluffy white thing that was on the girls neck between her collar and neck. It had a head of a strange ferret, and as soon as the word 'pet' was said, the eyes shot open and the little creature was woken from it's slumber. It's head perks up to look at the barmaid with it's wide black eyes curiously.

    "Noya won't leave my shoulders or go beyond the table. You have my honor she won't disturb others, or you from doing your work. And... I am a legal adult that is allowed to drink." The girl says somewhat quietly while showing her her ID card. She needed to get over the fear of others. She then takes a deep breath and looks up at the barmaid while raising an eyebrow. "Do you serve any wines here?"

    The barmaid seemed unsure of Noya, but nods slowly. "We do serve wines... Give me a moment to grab a wine menu." She walks away for a few minutes, keeping her eyes on the pet on the girls shoulder. She comes back a moment later and hands a small menu to her of all the wines they have. "Would you care to give a name for a tab?"

    "I probably won't have much of a tab, but Gaia Sabin." She raises her hand and scratches the back of her left ear some after her glasses rubbed it just the right way, showing the woman through her short cropped black hair that she was a member of the Sabertooth guild. "I'll have this red wine please? Just one glass for now." She smiles as she points to the one she wants to the barmaid, and closes it after she got which one she wanted.

    "Alright! I'll be right back with it for you." She tells her before she leaves.

    Gaia takes a deep breath as she looks to the table. Did she look pathetic sitting in the tavern alone ordering wine? She hoped not. Reaching into her bag, she pulls out a pouch, and then a deck of 78 cards from that pouch. She pulled the cards out with the back looking at her, allowing her to have a good look at the back of the deck. The intricate design of the two black and white dragons leaning up against one another in a sort of ying-yang fashion captivated her the moment she found them in her parents attic. She ran her thumb over the silver glit edges of the deck. "Noy? Am I doing the right thing here?" The ferret sighs and rolls her eyes before settling her head down on her masters shoulder once again. Gaia snorts at her and starts to shuffle the cards in her hands a bit. She didn't get too far, as the barmaid came back with her wine, and she smiles a 'thank you' to her before she walked off. Gaia takes a quick sip of her wine, tasting it first to make sure it was good, before she took another sip to enjoy it and finished shuffling to begin her spread. Normally, when doing spreads for herself, Gaia speaks them to Noya, just to make her feel like she's talking to someone and doing the spread for someone other than herself.

    "Alright... Dragons. Don't fail me. Lets do... a success spread... Will I have any success here with Sabertooth? Or am I flopping out early..." Pulling one card from her deck, she laid one to the left of it, then put another on the right side of the first card. Then put another above the second card she pulled, and one below. She laid out the five cards in a sideways 'T' formation.

    "First card... the central issues to my concern for the guild." Flipping over the first card she laid out revealed to be the Knight of Cups. She laughs softly to herself. "Of course... I don't have many friends or exactly someone to love yet... so I'm worried about fitting in to the guild... Now for the current challenges and obstacles." She reaches for the second card she set down, and flips it to reveal the Hierophant. "Hmm... Either I'm struggling with my old traditions... or... Yeah... I'm betting that I'm more going to struggle with this new opportunity within this guild since its new to me."

    She sips the wine again, and takes a deep breath while she reaches for the third card she laid down. "The reverse King of Swords is represents the underlying and hidden factors that I apparently need to be made aware of, Noya. Means that someone may manipulate me... again... Or maybe that my past may come to try to gain control of me again..." She breath was shaky as she takes another big sip of her wine. She was already feeling the slight tingling feeling of the wine affecting her. She really hoped that wasn't the case.

    Reaching for the fourth card, she seems to brace herself. The card ended up being the Chariot. Blinking, Gaia looks at the card, and slightly laughs as a grin forms on her face. "The fourth card represents the people, ideas, and new things that can help me... and the Chariot is perfect... People may probably help me get determination, or help me want to get on an adventure more, or this whole joining the guild will be that. I'm putting my money on that." She chuckles to her ferret, who just stared at her as if she was crazy.

    "Now for my actions I need to do to improve my chances of success." She muses and flips the last card to show the Four of Wands. "I just have to be positive?" She laughs a little and shakes her head. "Noya... I think overall... the cards are telling me; 'This is the perfect guild for me', don't you think?" She questions the ferret, and scratches her head. "Never underestimate your gut feeling... but having reassurance is perfect." She softly tells herself aloud before she starts carefully picking up her cards and shuffling them again before putting them away in their pouch once more. After her cards were put away, she sipped her wine the rest of the way, till her glass was gone. A small smile was on her face as she decided she needed to get out again. She paid for her tab, and left a good tip for the barmaid before she left the tavern, enjoying the good feeling from the reading she just did. This would be her home. And no one would take it from her.

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