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    Bounty: Jacob Goodnight


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    Completed Bounty: Jacob Goodnight

    Post by Waterz 12th May 2018, 7:33 pm

    While Hargeon Town was a bit out of her way from returning right back to the guild, she decided to stop there to pick up some of the town’s famous fudge for Poko. It gave her a little bit of an Alibi from Oak Town. However on the ride, she heard about the latest sting operation that failed by the city guards. They apparently attempted to capture an unknown murderer, lost an officer, but found his identity. For Mizumi, that wasn’t a complete failure. May have lost one person, but they gained invaluable information. They now had a Bounty up for his arrest or death. And it would seem he was worth more alive than dead. Since it was a bounty, there was no need to contact anyone beforehand. Just show up with his body, or important part of it. From the details she got from the article, he was an incredibly strong miner who cleaved and butchered his victims. He was last seen in the lower docks.

    After the train came to a stop in town, Mizumi made her way to pick up the fudge. Someone like this wasn’t too stupid to still be roaming around in broad daylight. She caught a few sights around town, and looked like an innocent tourist. It was one of her favorite ways of gathering information. Towards the end of the day, she stopped by a cafe. After chatting with a few customers, she let it drop that she was meeting her boyfriend down at the lower docks today so they could get married at sea. She even bought the fudge for him. There was a silence there before an old man concerned with her well being spoke up, informing her that the recent string of murders happened around Dock Four, with some occurring on the other docks when four was being watched.

    With this handy information, she moved full into the lie. Her face was happier and happier the closer she went to the docks. She even skipped when she saw the boat at dock four. All the sailors on the boat were gone, so she made her way up the gang plank, knowing full well she was being watched from the shadows. She moved like she knew the place, heading through the crews quarters and down into the hold. There she called out. “Quilll~.” If she had to use a name, might as well be one that complimented her rear. “Honey. I’m here.”

    Suddenly a chain wrapped around her neck and she was pulled back into the darkness. THe terrifying looking man held her down with a single hand and picked up his cleaver. As the dingy blade rose into the air, Mizumi made her first move. Her left hand moved from holding the chain like a helpless damsel to a five talon claw grab to the Monster’s groin. With a twist and an pull, she had leverage and moved him off of her. Once free from the chain, she held it to her side and looked to him as he slowly got back to his feet. “Jacob Goodnight. You are under arrest for the recent string of murders, including one guardsman. In the name of Silver Wolf I am taking you in for justice.”

    With the name of a Guild invoked, the miner looked concerned. He was now face to face with a mage. He quickly moved for the stairs. To little too late though. Mizumi had her prey. She was bringing him back without using magic. As he turned to climb the stairs, her hands were suddenly grabbing from between two, causing him to fall face first to the steps. The chain and hook he had used before was now being used against him. The chain wrapped around his neck and secured with belaying pins. The hook would draw a bit of blood from his back as she slowly dragged it across his shoulder blades. After she allowed him to struggle for a few moments, she walked into his view, his blood smeared across his face. Now the demon of the docks was calling out, pleading for mercy. The blunette however had a crazed look in her eyes as she brandished his cleaver. “Mercy? Mercy my dear Goodnight, is earned. No…” Her foot stomping on the step just between his legs. “For you, you have earned a slow, painful ride into the depths of my hell.” She leaned forward on the struggling behemoth, the cleaver plunged into the wood of the step his head was against as her forearm pressed into his throat and the chain. “Let’s begin the fun~” Those were the last words he heard from her before blacking out.

    An hour later, Mizumi was standing on the docks, perfectly clean, as the guards were hauling the crying trembling man away into a wagon. The captain looked at him impressed before turning back to the small girl. He made a comment or two about how he would expect nothing less from a mage, but he didn’t know Jacob was that out of it. Mizumi just laughed it off and accepted her prize. Two thousand jewels. That was a pretty decent days work after all the hunting and prep work. As Jacob’s wagon rolled past her, their eyes locked again, and she flashed him the same sinister smile from the hold and blew him a kiss. This caused the massive man to go into a full on panic attack. The wagon visibly rocking from his escape attempts. The bluenette however just turned back to the city and headed for the train terminal.

    At the terminal, the fliers were already being stamped with the Silver Wolf emblem. Mizumi had decided for all her good work, she deserved a new outfit. A red, flame designed pant suit. An oak wood cane in her left hand to complete the look. With her eyes across the glen, she could see no evil in the area. She was free and clear to return home and cook with the flames of her kitchen. By god, it’s good to be a wolf.


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