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    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    Post by Julius Seas on Thu 10 May 2018 - 21:39

    Julius Seas

    Paper Mario The thousand year door ~ Rogueport:

    There it was on the horizon: The Divided Island well actually it's called Tolgalen now, the home of the West Fiore Trading Company it had been a while since the blond pirate had been there. Sitting on a wooden crate with one of his legs crossed over his other leg while looking through an telescope. Can you see it Squable? We're back home again! I wonder how much has changed since we left, do you think Cirvy is mad I suddenly left? Julius said those his green parrot who was sitting on his right shoulder. How can I see an island which is that far? I'm a parrot now an hawk! Squable said annoyed, Julius sighed. Ugh why do you always have to ruin emotional moments? Squable just rolled his eyes and didn't pay any attention to the blond haired pirate.

    After an hour the ship finally arrived at the port. Julius was in awe when he saw how much had changed from the time he was gone it really felt like a port city. I'm really impressed how much has changed since we've been gone... Well no time to waste, let's go Squable towards the Trading Company! Julius was about to walk away when Squable stopped him. Julius you can't go walzing into the Company like that! Julius was confused. And exactly why can't I go there? I thought we both agreed on going back! So why the sudden change? Afraid they're going to eat you for diner? Julius said while leaning towards Squable. No I'm not talking about going back! I'm talking about the way you're dressed! Remember it's a company! Walking into an office building like that will make you stick out like a sore thumb! There was an awkward pause. Right... I kinda forgot... Well it's a good thing I have my office suit packed with me... Julius looked for an private place and quickly changed into his suit. His suit consisted of black shoes, black pants, a white shirt. with an black blazer and to top it all off he wore his dark colored sunglasses. Ugh it's going to take time to get used to wearing this... Well off we go!

    Persona 5 ~ Price:

    Walking into the the main lobby of the West Fiore Trading Company it was pretty clear that things had changed in the time Julius and Squable were gone. The main lobby was busier then Julius could remember with more employees in the building and a lot of visitors who wanted to request the services of the company. My, my... It seems business has really stepped up... Julius felled a bit guilty for suddenly leaving the company and the guild, who knows how though business has been when Julius was gone, he was afraid that they might be mad for leaving them without saying anything. Julius felt his heartbeat increase and softly gulped in the hopes Squable wouldn't hear it. Come Squable! Let's see if we can find someone!


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    Post by Johann on Fri 11 May 2018 - 12:51

    Johann rose from the familiar seat of his office chair, the wood of the overused piece of furniture giving off a slight creak as he did. It had been days upon days of nothing but paperwork again, the familiar routine only broken by the occasional break in the West Fiore Trading Company's mess hall, arguably one of Johann's favourite places at the Headquarters building. And right now, he longed for such a break, a change of scenery, he just had to get out of his office, get something to eat, perhaps even catch a breath of fresh air and see what the day would bring. Dressed in his regular Company uniform, a white suit, white formal shirt beneath and the West Fiore's guild pin on the left side of his chest, he left the HQ building for the docks. Of course, he was closely followed by his friend and companion Artorias who, dressed in a similar fashion, walked alongside the man he called his master, although Johann would strictly reject being called that, instead insisting on "friend".

    Regardless, the falcon, in his human form, and Johann slowly walked down the main road, conversing about the nature of, well, many things. "Tolgalen is really quite making itself, isn't it ?" Johann's gaze wandering over the small port town below "Indeed, my lord", Artorias responding simply, but not without acknowledgement. Artorias had been here for about a few months now, but had still gotten to know and love the vastness of Divide Island and the people of Tolgalen and the Company. Johann, who had of course brought Artorias here and arrived a lot earlier already called this place his home, the Company was his family that he had sworn to protect fiercely. Not only that, he had also earned the position of Vice President within the West Fiore Trading Company, an achievement he was most proud of, despite his doubts about Cirven's ulterior motives when it came to exactly why he had been made VP, but that mattered little to both Johann and Artorias. In fact, at times he cursed the amount of work associated with this vastly growing island housing the young nation of Tolgalen, but he still found himself enjoying his life more than he had ever done. Truly, he had found his calling.

    Deeply involved in his thoughts and talk with Artorias he had almost missed the other man completely, but caught himself at the last second, turning towards the young, blonde haired man that had already passed both Johann and the knight. He wasn't quite sure why, but for some reason he seemed oddly familiar, until the realization hit him like a truck. "Excuse me, sir ? Do we know ...", getting closer to confirm his suspicion, his eyes widening. "Julius ? Julius Seas ?"

    Indeed, from the looks of it he had stumbled over the former Vice President of the West Fiore Trading Company, the position he held now, who had vanished very shortly, about a week, after his own arrival on Divide Island, much to Cirven's sorrow. They had been introduced to each other briefly, but after that he had seen the man only once more at the Company's halloween party. He could barely believe his eyes.


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    Post by Cirven on Tue 15 May 2018 - 1:51

    Multiple explosions were triggered through the air of a coliseum with the flashes of someone being near each explosion but just barely dodging them. A man floated in the air seemingly triggering them by the gestures of his hands as he seemed to be following someone who was moving their moving at fast speeds to avoid the attacks. The coliseum was being damaged with each explosion but the man who was floating did not seem to care at all. All he seemed to care about was dealing with his opponent. He triggered a few explosions at the same time all around the man who was engulfed by the flames they produced and with it the coliseum collapsed around the explosions which left any sign of the opponent under the rumble. The floating man gave off a snicker and then grin before turning around to fly away before he was met by a sudden pain in his side that was followed by more pain in other areas of his sides and back. He reached to where the pain was and felt the hilt of a knife there before a sudden quick hot sensation was sent across his back followed by a more extreme pain causing him to drop down to the ground. Cirven was floating in the air with each of his knives, bloodied from stabbing his opponent who was now falling to the ground. "These simulations even have some cockiness it looks like. Maybe next time they will actually look towards the shadows they were causing before they get cocky and try to leave victorious." He spoke out and then the simulation around him distorted and he woke up in the simulation pod. He got out and stretched his body before moving any further.

    He was wearing nothing but a tank top and pants while in the pod but put the rest of his clothes back on begrudgingly. He disliked wearing suits all the time but knew they needed to play face in order to get requests or they would be no better than a dark guild. He walked out of the room and into the hallway as he made his way back to his office. It had been a hectic few days with all the new requests for work that he had to approve and assign who to do what request. It was a grueling experience but without some type of authority they would not be able to really have the company the way it was, even though he disliked being the leader of it all most of the time. The hallway was filled with faces that he knew and some that he barely knew. He was not the best with the names of those he barely met and did not always look into every person's background as he had his VPs to help with approving new recruits all the time so it gave them new members he knew little to nothing about a lot of the time. He came into the main lobby and saw someone wearing what looked to be one of the older suits that they wore in the past which was followed by a scent that he recognized even without the parrot on his shoulder.

    "So I take it you have been on your own quest or something, right Julius?" He spoke out as he walked up to Johann and his ex-VP who he knew would be completely lost.


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