The Photo Shoot (Job/Solo)

    Elvira Arcade

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    The Photo Shoot (Job/Solo)

    Post by Elvira Arcade on 9th May 2018, 8:15 pm

    Job: Be a Model!

    Elvira stared blankly into the water of the river running down Magnolia's thoroughfare, watching the slow current pass like the thoughts in her head. The hem of her lowcut dress gently swayed as her bare feet dangled down into the channel. Behind her, a well-dressed older man was frantically questioning a middle-aged woman at a food cart. Growing more and more frustrated, the man pulled a magazine from out of his suit jacket and opened it sideways, gesturing at the centerfold that rolled out. A look of recognition finally passed across the woman's face and she pointed towards Elvira, prompting the man to thank her and hurry over to the young lady who didn't seem to acknowledge his presence. The man let out a heavy sigh, adjusting his tie and squaring his jaw for the inevitable.

    "Ms. Arcade..." He began in a voice barely above a whisper.

    In a flash she was on her feet, seemingly startled out of a deep trace, and throwing a left hook, causing the man to tumble to the ground as a large lump swelled up on his cheek.

    "Oh! It's you Mr. Fisher, what brings you here?" She asked, rather perplexed.

    "They're setting up for you in the forest young lady." He said while stumbling to his feet.

    "Well why didn't you say so?" She asked.

    "I just did Miss, please pay more attention." The words were barely out of his mouth before his expression changed to one of panic as he realized the chiding tone he'd taken with his client.

    Elvira and her agent (now sporting a second lump on his face) arrived in a rather pleasant clearing in the East Forest a short time later. Sunlight streamed down, nurturing the colorful clumps of blossoming flowers which made this area their home. An area was already set up with a magical equipment designed for adjusting the light and wind; it looked as though the Sorceror Magazine photographer was sorting through outfits beside a large wagon parked at one edge of the meadow. Elvira immediately dropped to the grassy ground, legs crossed, and pulled out a compact mirror while her agent trundled off to explain their late arrival to the photographer. She withdrew several bags of makeup from her purse and began selecting foundation, occasionally glancing at the outfits the photographer was setting out and selecting eyeliner to match the general color of the clothes; green unsurprisingly and perhaps even made of plant material. She opted to go with a gold pencil and set to work on her waterline.

    The photographer made his way over carrying a thin bikini that seemed to be made out of vines and leaves; holding it out to her.

    "You look wonderful Ms. Arcade! I'm excited to get the chance to work with you, and I'm sure our readers are anxious to hear how Crystal Swan has been treating you." He said cheerfully.

    She took the bikini from him and glanced at it. It seemed to defeat the point of the shoot's eco friendly message to make something out of plant material that was clearly harvested to construct this so-called "clothing" she mused, not that she cared.

    "I've set up a curtain over this way so you can have some priva..." He said, stopping to stifle a nosebleed when he noticed she had simply dropped her dress and was midway through donning the garment. "Uhh yes, well...then whenever you're ready! Just set up in the flowers and run through some standard poses, I'll let you know if we miss any beats the designer wanted covered."

    As soon as Elvira stepped in front of the camera her entire demeanor changed in the blink of an eye. Almost immediately she was lying back in the grass, surrounded by flowers while biting her finger seductively. The photographer couldn't snap pictures quickly enough. Before he even instructed her to change she had rolled onto her hands and knees, thrusting her chest forward while arching her back. She ran through one pose after another, some fairly standard, and some that she seemed to invent in the moment; prompting wide-eyed stares from both the photographer and her agent. Elvira seemed to positively glow, betraying no hint of the quiet attitude that she'd exhibited up to this point. Time passed quickly and before they knew it the photographer was out of the lacrima he used to record images. Elvira's attitude remained cheerful as she began to change back into her dress, answering standard interview questions as she went. She rattled off responses without even hearing the entire question, discussing everything from her favorite spell to her idea of the perfect date. She told the man what he wanted to hear and signed several release forms before bidding her two companions an apathetic farewell, having at some point returned to a rather somber mood. She ran her finger across her swan above her breast and in an instant, was gone.

    (Word Count: 824)

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