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    Bar Fight 2 (open)

    Quill Scorchwood
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    Public Bar Fight 2 (open)

    Post by Quill Scorchwood 9th May 2018, 7:03 pm

    There had been reports of a group of people claiming to be part of the Silver Wolf guild, these people have been stealing items like magic wine, weapons, and other valuable items and Silver Wolf has been getting blamed for all this. Quill found out they hanged out in a bark in the same town where the Fairy Tail guild is located so he had traveled to that town throw Paradise, he had found the group of idiots to a large bar where it seemed to be a hot spot of tough looking fighter. Once he had spotted the group claiming to be part of Silver Wolf Quill said down and they said that he should be afraid of them since they are part of Silver Wolf, he then said back in a sarcastic matter,"Wow i'm so scared, what am I going to do to defend myself against these fakes." He then slammed the guy who was close to him into the table and threw the other guys at a group of people charging at him. This then started a total brawl within the bar.

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    Bar Fight 2 (open) 25mifd

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    Public Re: Bar Fight 2 (open)

    Post by Haru-senpai 9th May 2018, 8:35 pm

    Haru was enjoying a conversation with his hands in the pocket of his black slacks. It seemed this guy in this particular bar was talking about some crazy girlfriend of his as Haru was bouncing conversation with him back and forth about mage girls and how crazy they could be at times; when all of a sudden a huge brawl erupted on the other side of the bar. The exceed on the teenagers shoulder only whispered a "Don't you even think about it... before all out chaos spread through the bar as security mingled with people trying to bumrush the guy with orange hair.

    "I can't just let this guy get assaulted!" he yelled as Rose floated off his shoulder and into the air over the sound of yelling and shouting shaking her head. With a single stomp half of the bars floor splintered in half and people were tossed into the ceiling and back to the ground, the entire building rocking. "Everybody calm down!" as he yelled this people groaned and got to their feet. "GET HIM!" as someone shouted this all out chaos erupted again as Haru let off a sweatdrop then prepared himself as someone charged right at him.  With a single punch he sent a guy bouncing into a crowd that separated but folded back into him. Several punches came his way as he seemed to just be walking and hopping over everything even objects thrown at him as glass shattered everywhere. He dodged his way near the guy with orange hair and then caught a punch coming right his way, moving it and headbutting the guy who literally went flying out of the bar creating a hole in the wall from a mere headbutt from Haru, out into the streets of Magnolia. People walking by the bar merely shook their head "Why start a fight like that buddy?" he asked as he stood back to back with the guy now.

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    Bar Fight 2 (open) Rose

    The Lunatic
    The Lunatic

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    Public Re: Bar Fight 2 (open)

    Post by The Lunatic 9th May 2018, 11:43 pm

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    Yuzuki groaned, slumping into a seat at the nearest bar. Having been traveling again, she would have to make do with just any old place – Magnolia wasn’t a place she typically enjoyed spending time in (those stupid Fairy mages were usually fine, but when it came to this town? Oh man.), but the semi-fey was exhausted by now and couldn’t keep moving for long, even with enhanced stamina. Trudging up to the bartender, she raised an eyebrow at his disgusted expression at her ratty appearance, before mumbling, “A bottle of your cheapest stuff,” and turning to move back to her seat and lowkey pass out.

    However, the woman would irritably find herself called back by the man, who sounded slightly alarmed as he said, “I’m sorry, but according to Fiore law we can’t serve minors under fifteen.” Say what? Yuzuki had spent so much time in neighborhoods that were less well-off that she’d nearly forgotten that her youthful appearance held back the more legally-inclined bartenders, who actually cared about the law and that good-for-nothing council of old mages who sat there doing nothing. She was tired now though – while normally the semi-fey would have engaged in some sort of yelling match or just swiped the booze and left, she wasn’t so patient this time. With a swirl of the chains that adorned her waist, the silver links snapped into the form of a gleaming silver spear that radiated a foreign coldness unique to fey-made metals. Fairy Tail? Hah. She’d show this idiot who the real fairy was here. “This so-called minor’s considering lopping off your head.” Even as she said it, the man’s face turned ashen, his attention diverted as she used the sharp tip to flip the bottle out of his grasp, snatching it out of the air. “Heh. Thanks, man.”

    Turning to leave, the drama she had stirred up around them would suddenly be turned as a yell rose up from the other side of the room. A flurry of fists and feet would quickly develop, and the shaken bartender quickly called for bodyguards, glancing fearfully at the silver-eyed woman before hurrying away into some back room. This was an interesting development though, hmm? A gleeful grin on her face, Yuzuki pushed herself into the air, invisible wings bringing her body into the air with the torn edges of her coat trailing behind. The spear would be quickly returned to her waist in the form of chains, and she slammed a silver boot atop some unfortunate chap’s head before using the momentum to turn around to elbow someone out of the way. “Well, bar fight? This should be fun.”
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    Bar Fight 2 (open) TqvxSWh5_o
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