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    ✂ Egliette ✂


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    ✂ Egliette ✂ Empty ✂ Egliette ✂

    Post by Antoinette on Wed 9 May 2018 - 19:23

    ✂ Egliette ✂ VZMES24

    ♕ EGLIETTE ♕

    Name: Egliette
    Rank: Legendary (+)
    Species: Haunted Doll
    Type: Combat Pet
    ✂ Egliette ✂ KwV9FBx


    Messer und Gabel:

    Name: Messer und Gabel
    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive, Weapon
    Duration: 7 posts
    Cooldown: 8 posts
    The colors in Egliette's left eye will begin to swirl, creating an almost hypnotizing effect. Glowing brightly, the eye will shoot a small beam of light upwards, creating a giant fork and knife made of pure gold. These weapons will float softly downwards, landing in the doll's dainty hands.
    Passive: When used, the Messer und Gabel will lower enemies' resistance to melee damage by 30% as long as said enemies are within 225 meters of Egliette.
    Strengths: (List all the advantages)
    Weaknesses: (List all the disadvantages)


    Name: Teegesellschaft
    Rank: B
    Type: Supportive, Healing
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Egliette conjures up a magical, floating tea set, sending it towards Jaxton, or an ally. Pouring the tea into one of the fancy teacups, Egliette whispers a small incantation, giving the beverage a special healing ability. When consumed, the tea will restore B-ranked spell damage (80hp) to the person.
    Can heal 80 hp when used
    The tea is delicious
    It takes a while before it can be used again
    The tea set is kind of large, making it a bit awkward to use in small places

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