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    A Flower Most Rare


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    A Flower Most Rare Empty A Flower Most Rare

    Post by Aceflux 8th May 2018, 8:44 pm

    When Urania had joined Sabertooth, she had expected the jobs to be things like "escort this", "defend that", "Kill these". But when she looked at the job board the only jobs she was deemed ready to do were... pretty basic. Find a lost book, attend a party, be a stand-in for a public speaker. None of them really spoke out to her at all, save for one hidden under another paper. Pulling the sheet to the side and examining the paper below, Urania found herself finding the job for her. The notice read:

    "Looking for any mages willing to venture into the spooky woods and retrieve a rare flower.
    Will pay 2000 jewels upon delivery.
    Deliver to the 'Edens Garden' in Magnolia.

    The flower in question grows from a collection of jewels that are only found in the shade of eclipse trees deep in the forest. The flower I need from the cluster is around two feet in height.
    - Tyr"

    This would be simple enough. While the name of the forest was foreboding, she was sure that she would be in and out of no time. Head to the center of the woods, find the flower and leave. Simple, easy peasy. The next day after accepting the job, Urania was on the train to Cloverfield, watching the landscape change before her eyes. She had seen many different parts of the world, but never like this. Looking out a window one moment and seeing a desert, then seeing plains not ten minutes later baffled the bard to no end. Did her homeland have technology like this yet? She daydreamed, then eventually dozed off as the train continued to speed towards its destination. She awoke as the train came to a halt in Cloverfield station, pulling her bag off the table in her cabin and leaving. Next stop: The Spooky Forest. It was about four hours travel away from the northern road into Cloverfield, nothing Urania wasn't used to. After all, she spent years of her life just walking from one town to the next.

    The rolling plains outside the forest reminded her a bit of home. Just throw in a low hanging veil of mist and fog, tall and impressive rock formations, and the constant smell of the sea and you'd be there. Now, however, was not the time to reminisce about a time long past. She had arrived at the edge of the forest. Darkened trees with little to no leaves, dense undergrowth and the occasional sound of a raven in the distance. Seems as though this place was aptly named. She reached down to make sure her ax was ready on her hip, Urania stepped through the dense layer of trees that surrounded the forest and began her search.

    Not even an hour after she entered, Urania could swear she was hearing things. Footsteps, lot's of them. Chattering, quiet conversation, the occasional clink of metal. She had seen some chains hung from trees a while back, but those wouldn't be producing any sound. She pulled the iron handle of her ax off her hip and steadied herself, keeping it in hand. A few moments later she heard a shout behind her, and felt the cold slice of a dagger across her back. She spun and saw a trio of goblins standing not even five feet away from her. She allowed her ax to draw from her magic power and form, the firey blade bursting from the end of the metal rod in a blazing fury. They attacked first, Urania would feel no guilt if they happened to die by her hand.

    One of the goblins lept at her, but Urania was faster. She swung the ax and knocked the small monster out of the air, hearing it shout in pain. Next, she lunged forward and swung at another goblin. The blow landed across its shoulder, leaving a nasty burn. In a moment of pride, Urania lost he focus for a brief moment of time, just long enough for the third of the goblins to strike the back of her leg with its club. She fell to the ground, her ax landing in the dead leaves and quickly sparking into a fire. She rolled out of the way and struck the goblin that had landed the first blow. The fire was quickly spreading, catching one of the goblins in the blaze.

    "That's not good. Let's see what do I have that can... right!"  Urania thought, wedging her ax under her arm as she equipped her violin. A slow, drawn-out sound began to resonate as she played, flowing from one note to another like the waves on the ocean's surface. She began to sing a sea shanty she had learned from a group of sailors a few years back and as she did it began to rain around her. That alone wasn't enough to put out the fire, but soon after the rain had begun the roar of a wave could be heard. Surging out from the trees, water blasted forth in a whirlpool of force, circling around her and catching everything in its path- small bushes were uprooted, dirt torn up, and the goblins were swept up into the current, knocking them unconscious. As the spell ended she stowed her violin, removing her still blazing ax from under her arm continued on her path deeper into the forest.

    Another hour passed as the sun crawled higher into the sky, birds flying overhead and singing their dreadful songs drifting on the wind as a blanket of fog set over the forest, only making the scare factor of the forest increase exponentially. Urania gripped her ax, the end of the metal red hot from the burning fire, and looked around. This was where eclipse trees were supposed to grow. She was on the lookout for gnarled, twilight colored trees but found none. Nothing. "Where are all the... Was this all just a wild goose chase..?" Urania said aloud, walking a natural path between the trees. A gust of wind kicked up dead leaves at her feet, the crinkling masking the sound of an approaching monster. When the large wolf lept out from the underbrush, Urania was caught completely unaware. She was knocked to her back, colliding with a tree as she felt a throbbing pain in her shoulder. She turned her head to see a set of deep red gashes in her shoulder. A claw mark, almost like a bears. She pulled herself up and turned to the direction of her attacker to see...

    Oh man. That looked like one of the two mythical wolves that chased the sun and moon, their names escaped Urania's mind. She took her axe and readied an attack, but as she swung the wolf had already sprinted to the right. This thing was larger than anyone she had ever met, how could it be so fast..? Urania jumped back away from the wolf, and let out a war cry. Her body shone with a green glow as the wounds on her back and shoulder closed up slightly. The wolf charged at her, and she swung at the wolf. It swerved around the swing and behind her, but Urania quickly turned on her heel and made another swing. This swing collided with the wolf cleanly and caused it to stagger, leaving Urania open to another swing. Two hits to the shoulder were enough to cause the wolf to back away, but not to flee. Urania watched it, the large Dire Wolf circling her in the small clearing they had found each other in. The wolf lept, and Urania was too slow to move out of the way. It had her pinned to the ground, snarling as it dug its claw into her.

    Urania groaned as she tossed her ax to her other hand and quickly drove its flaming blade into the beast's side, the wolf letting out a yelp as it rolled away, letting Urania spring to her feet. She quickly threw the ax at the wolf, watching as it collided into its stomach. She dashed forward and grabbed her ask as she hopped over the dog. This was bad, she was hurt and only had one more war cry left before it went on cooldown. She grabbed the wound in her side and winced, watching as the wolf struggle to get up. She drew her ax again and hurled it at the wolf once more, watching as it hit dead center of the wolfs head. She couldn't watch as the ax hit its mark, turning away. She waited before turning back to the limp body of the wolf, drawing her ax and watching as its magic fizzled out. It would be a while before she could spark it again, its run had been made for a while. She needed to find this flower fast.

    She walked more, her body healing slowly as she did. After about half an hour, Urania came into a clearing and in its center... a tall, twilight colored tree with full leaves. At its base were clusters of glowing blue crystals, with flowers growing in curls around them. And among one particularly dense cluster of crystals was a tall, dense flower with glittering white petals. She crouched down in front of it and cut it at the base, carefully placing it into her bag. That was it. Now she could leave. She walked out of the clearing and back into the dense of the forest, heading for Magolia City to finish the job.

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