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    Casual Satans『 Private / Rishi 』

    The Lunatic
    The Lunatic

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    Casual Satans『 Private / Rishi 』 Empty Casual Satans『 Private / Rishi 』

    Post by The Lunatic on 5th May 2018, 10:40 am

    trust only - yourself
    what a cyanide surprise
    you have left for my eyes!
    if i had common sense
    i'd cut myself
    or curl up and die

    - wc

    - sorry, i started nodding off while writing;;; might have some awkward parts.

    - ---

    - ʏᴜᴢᴜᴋɪ ғᴀᴇʀʏᴅᴀᴇ

    Yuzuki was most certainly not a woman of luxury, and she made sure to ensure that everyone around her was perfectly aware of the fact by parading around in old, worn clothing, the only things that might suggest modernity being the straps and hooks she needed to house her weapons. It wasn’t exactly something the semi-fey did on purpose – she was honestly just far too lazy to go through the effort of actually having to go around to nick some more “fashionable” clothes or whatever. I mean, as long as they kept you warm and left your privates covered, there was no need to care about what particular scrap of fabric you adorned your body with, right? At least, that was the mindset with which Yuzuki Faerydae, semi-fey, street thief, and hired killer of a not very flattering 147 centimeter hieght operated.

    Still…perhaps in this mock Buddha of a person, there was yet some sort of luxury she appreciated. Slipping easily past the people minding the front desk of the onsen, Yuzuki waltzed easily into the steamy changing room, a small smirk plastered upon her face. Being invisible to the average person really was a fantastic perk. Mastering that skill had probably been one of the happiest moments of her life, allowing her to walk around and pickpocket with an even lower chance of being caught. While your typical street rat would not be someone you expected to be going around and visiting the hot springs of all places, this one had taken an unusual liking to the warm and aromatic waters of the public baths. Well, that, and all the naked people. Being unfortunately outfitted in the body of a fourteen year-old, the woman was very, very sexually frustrated.

    Her clothes went off easily, and a towel would find itself wrapped around her thin body. Perfectly balanced steps would bring the semi-fey to the female side of the springs, her eyes closing briefly at the sensation of steam on her face. Immediately, a sheen of water vapor wrapped itself around her body, and she would dip a foot in, cautiously testing the temperature. Just right…  
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    what a cyanide surprise you have left for my eyes! if i had common sense i'd cut myself or curl up and die --

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