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    Starlight on my Shoulders [Secondary Magic Training]

    The Lunatic
    The Lunatic

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    Starlight on my Shoulders [Secondary Magic Training] Empty Starlight on my Shoulders [Secondary Magic Training]

    Post by The Lunatic on 5th May 2018, 10:14 am

    “Well fuck you too, man.” The profanity slipped smooth as butter from the street rat’s experienced tongue as her rump crashed straight back into the hard rock of some random place. This was, well…this was great, wasn’t it? The swift-footed semi-fey who prided herself so heavily on her skill in avoiding capture had ended up being here, having accidentally pissed off a mage that was above her expectations. Having assumed that the kid was some random sniveling brat, the semi-fey had taken the opportunity as always, flashing by and slicing the bracelet off her wrist. However, to her dismay, the kid had instantly looked up, eyes piercing through her cloak of invisibility and grasping her wrist in a sudden movement. Had she known the girl was so sensitive to energies around her, Yuzuki would never have tried going after someone so difficult to deal with. She’d been rash – that much was all too apparent to her now as she rubbed her sore back, checking for serious injuries. The semi-fey had tough bones, but even tough bones could break or dislocate themselves when hurled out of the very planet they had been on a few minutes earlier.

    Besides simply her ability, Yuzuki had made the grave mistake of underestimating the kid’s anger, or rather lack of emotion as well. Having spared only a brief glance at the semi-fey, she’d proceeded to slice open a portal in the air, flinging the semi-fey out through the gap in the skies to fall into this new universe. What the hell, honestly. Who did that? Wasn’t she aware of how utterly rude it was to go around throwing people onto other planets?

    Oh – Ouch! Loosing a string of words better left unscripted, Yuzuki flopped back onto the stony surface she had been so graciously deposited upon, closing her eyes with a soft groan emanating from her mouth. Great. Lost on some random planet, billions of miles away from the planet she tentatively labeled with the concept “home”. It wasn’t like she could ever belong in a world like that or any other, but she was used to that ugly planet – Earthland or whatever it was one called it – and it was, in a way, terrifying to not be attached to its very simple surface anymore. In fact, she hadn’t even taken time to get a good look at this place, right? For all she knew, she could be surrounded by dangerous and terrifying creatures and she’d never even know. Still, even as the thoughts flashed back and forth like a warning sign in her head, the mage gave little sign of giving a shit about it. Yuzuki was absolutely pooped, and had little energy for defending herself.

    Instead, the semi-fey let her senses educate her, sharpened by her fey qualities. The cold breeze that occasionally ruffled her ratty hair and old clothes, and the seeping chill of the rock below her. The frigid and natural scent that filled her nostrils felt nostalgic and familiar, and for a moment, Yuzuki was at something along the lines of ease.



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