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    Valkyrie Suit


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    Valkyrie Suit

    Post by popcornfrenzy on Sat 28 Apr - 11:04

    Name: Valkyrie Suit
    Rank: Strong(+)
    Type: Armor


    The suit that's given by Mr. Cinderwood to his daughter. A suit that is angelic by design. It posses a pair of wings that glows when used. A reminiscence of the valkyrie from the past via depictions from stories.

    Allows the user to be close to its teammates.

    The armor isn't strong in terms of protection.
    Lacks the offensive utility of the armor.

    Valkyrie Rush: It allows the user to fly towards its target at a speed of 20 m/s and at the maximum distance of 30 m with a cooldown of 1 post.
    Valkyrie Descent: It allows the user to glide with its wings instead of falling directly onto the ground.
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    Re: Valkyrie Suit

    Post by Madame Astrid on Mon 30 Apr - 3:44

    I'd like to see proof of your strong armor purchase, as i cannot seem to find it in the armory or the trading hub.


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