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    A Re-Introduction Of Sorts


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    A Re-Introduction Of Sorts Empty A Re-Introduction Of Sorts

    Post by Victor 26th April 2018, 1:29 pm

    Hello. I am making this topic to re-introduce myself to the Fairy Tail RP community since I have been inactive for a bit IC-wise and constantly floating in and out on my periods of Discord activity. My character’s name is Victor, so feel free to call me that if we haven’t talked before. You may also call me Edward or Eddy like a few of the older members still like to do. If you would feel more comfortable, you may call me John as well. I am not good at these types of things. I like to think of myself as a chill guy, so if you want to hit me up on Discord or on site – feel free to. I am a fan of Fairy Tail – kind of obvious since I am on this site. I play several different video games – mainly Pokémon. So, if you want a battle on Showdown hit me up. I think that is about it for this awkward re-introduction. I look forward to roleplaying with you all in the coming year and hopefully many more to come.

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    A Re-Introduction Of Sorts Empty Re: A Re-Introduction Of Sorts

    Post by ivyleaf33 26th April 2018, 4:36 pm

    You don't feel new, hehe, you're on Discord all the time anyways. But welcome all the same, and you know where to get help, yadda yadda yahh /o/


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