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    It Took My Jewels and My Pride!(Job,w/Aioai)


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    It Took My Jewels and My Pride!(Job,w/Aioai) Empty It Took My Jewels and My Pride!(Job,w/Aioai)

    Post by Cirven 19th April 2018, 5:29 pm

    Job Sign up/Info:

    A blast of purple electricity streaked through the air as a blast of dark energy came from the opposing direction of it. Both blasts of energy collided and caused the forest area surrounding them to be destroyed from the collision of power. Standing behind the electrical blast as they exploded into magical energy stood the CEO of the WFTC wearing his typical clothing for when he went out being a open long sleeved black shirt with a sleeveless black shirt underneath it and black pants and shoes. On the other side stood a blonde haired man who wore lighter clothing compared to the CEO with white and yellows adorning his body as well as dark magical energy. "I'm happy that you were able to match that. It means I can get a bit more serious here." Cirven took off the long sleeved shirt he had on revealing the knives that were hiding underneath it along his waist. "You won't get us! We are not going to be taken in by some devil and his crazy apprentice!" The blonde haired man yelled out. Cirven sighed and shook his head. "Now Leonard, is that any way to sound when fighting for your life?" The devil took out one of his knives off his waist and threw it into the air above him. "Yes, it shows that you are confident among other things but it also just sounds like you are trying to build up your own confidence to get around your fear." Leonard tried to watch both Cirven and the knife that was thrown into the air and seemed to be on edge about what to do next. "I hope you are scared. That will just ruin this fight for me and I just want this to be fun." The knife fell back to the ground where Cirven caught it by its hilt and twirled it around his hand.

    During this time, Cirven's latest mentee was off dealing with some of the other men that were with Leonard inside of the forest. The devil had told her to deal with them while he dealt with their leader. It treated it as a sort of way to test her because he saw the best training was always hands on learning, especially when your life was on the line during it. He had not been able to test her against those who were actually after her life yet like he did his other mentees but knew when to jump on an opportunity when he had the chance,

    "You.. You are just crazy.. I.. I won't fall for your intimidation tactics either!" Leonard yelled out as he created multiple constructs from the dark energy that permeated from his body. The blades quickly flew out towards Cirven and attempted to cut through stab through him over and over but the devil managed to use two of the knives he had to redirect the attacks aimed at him with each attack. Some of the attacks were close to hitting him and tore through his clothes where it just barely cut his flesh. The amount of blades continued to increase as the attacks were sent out and the devil found himself surrounded suddenly by them. A large amount of the blades quickly rushed towards him. Cirven grinned as the other six knives came off from his belt and flew out around him as the dark energy blades swarmed around him. The attacks of the blade managed to hit their mark a multiple times but the defense that Cirven had created with his knives had prevented anything grave wounds from happening. Finding an opening Cirven jumped into the air with the blades following behind him. He threw one of his knives out towards Leonard but it was quickly dodged by the man. "Die already!" More blades formed above Cirven where he would be prevented from moving any further. The masses of blades converged onto the devil where they collided into each other an caused a giant around filled of slashes and stabs. Leonard smiled feeling as though he had defeated his opponent when he realized there was a flash of lightning that had come out of the massive attack he had done. The lightning traveled down to the knife that had missed him and then took on the form of his enemy that swung his clawed hand down across his chest, causing him to be cut open and also shocked by electricity. Without letting up for a second, Cirven's arms erupted into strong purple lightning magical energy that ripped through the ground under him. Cirven then took that energy and swiped his hand out in front of him sending out a large claw made of the energy that engulfed Leonard and shocked him even further as it ripped through his body. Leonard dropped to the ground unconscious and twitching from the electricity going through his body. "Is that it?" The dual-eyed devil spoke out as he looked down at his opponent and back to where the dark energy blades had been formed which were all dispersing. "You weren't that bad at all. you just let me take advantage of your overconfidence. You did end up falling for my words like you
    said you wouldn't have too.
    " Cirven looked himself over seeing multiple wounds over his body that were healing quickly. "I wonder what you would have done if you saw me heal so quickly from your attacks..? Probably piss yourself and ran, I bet with that personality you had." He spoke out as if Leonard was listening to him. He then grabbed his target and broke him to one of the trees left standing near them where he propped the man up to it and leaned on it as he waited for his mentee to show up after dealing with her side of the trouble. They had to all be apprehended and he made sure to tell her that they could not be killed and they had to be taken in alive. He only hoped that she would accomplish that task as he did not take her skill as something the men she was fighting could deal with.



    It Took My Jewels and My Pride!(Job,w/Aioai) LxcTBIi
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