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    it seemed a good idea at the time.. [solo job- modeling]


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    it seemed a good idea at the time.. [solo job- modeling] Empty it seemed a good idea at the time.. [solo job- modeling]

    Post by Theo on 19th April 2018, 2:58 am

    theo silversong
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    For all the strides Theo felt he'd made in becoming a more mature man, what he was doing right now seemed childish in hindsight. As he stood waiting in front of Lester's grandmother's flower shop, he couldn't help but see instances where he could have made better choices about all of this. It wasn't really jealousy, per se. No, it was something that he was pretty sure there wasn't a word for, or maybe there was and he just didn't understand the emotion well enough to assign a term. Just because his friends were getting recognized, and rightfully so, that didn't mean he had to, too. He was happy for Rin and Lester. So much so, that maybe he reached out to take some for himself in a moment of weakness, longing to taste the worth they'd earned and share it with them. Theo wanted to just briefly ride their shirttails, to observe what it felt like to be recognized and treasured by other people that had never even met them. To just see what it would feel like for an unfathomable amount of people to pick up a magazine and see him, read his name, and assign some sort of thought or memory to it. Theo was no Rising Star, but maybe he could be someone's eye candy.

    This is how it went down. It was after he'd heard the news from his two friends about their interviews for the illustrious Sorcerer's Magazine that an ad had caught his eye while milling around a random town the Crystalli docked near. They were looking for models to fill some space on those precious pages. Without thinking (as usual) he leapt at the chance, putting in an application before he could consider all the aspects of such a commitment. After Theo applied, reality settled in. He was no one of note. He didn't even think himself that good looking, which would surely be a huge pre-requisite for being a model. In his more down moods that followed, he was certain he wouldn't receive a callback at all, that he didn't have what it took, or the ad was old, or that the spots were filled before they got to his page. They probably used real models with experience, or mages that were very popular. He had neither of those things. He wouldn't be able to join his friends, because he just wasn't worthy.

    What had he been thinking when the journalist actually contacted him back after he sent in that asinine request? The conversation had been awkward. Since this was a modeling job, she seemed inclined to get a sense of him to set up an environment by asking loads of personal questions, compounding the discomfort since he couldn't answer very many. The one that stuck out in his mind was possibly the more benign one. Where was he from? Nowhere. Everywhere. Anywhere? The woman seemed put out that none of the questions that made her job easier could be answered, so Theo panicked. Yes, it was already established as childish, but that didn't mean he wanted to drop out of it or be kicked for lack of cooperation! Still that little nag in the back of his brain gnawed. Both his squad mates had made a name for themselves. Rising Stars. And what was Theo? He wanted to be included with them, even if it was for a different thing. At least they'd all be together. They may be the shiny jewels, but even dirty jewels have some worth left in them, especially when tossed in with the others.

    However, he'd blurted out something stupid. Theo's panic had run his mind over two things. Firstly, he didn't have any roots to look back on, but his friends did. Second, that could actually only mean Lester, since Rin hadn't remembered much of her past life yet. Lester had said he was from Clover Town, so out fumbled that town's name to the lady growing increasingly impatient with him. After a long pause, she'd accepted the answer and rattled off a few good scenes for photos, and they set up a time and meeting place.

    Theo had a bag of props weighing down his shoulder, but otherwise he looked the same. He still had on his faithful tracksuit, scarf, and dirty brown boots. His angle was to show the world (the readers of the mag) who he was, so he didn't want to put up a false image. The only thing he could think of was showing off his dream. He didn't know if it was a good idea or not, but he was about to find out!

    The magazine lady trotted up the path with the brisk walk of a determined, career driven somebody. She had a large bag at her side and was lugging a sizable picnic basket with her. He rushed to meet her and carry it, but she declined, preferring to handle it herself. She cut straight to the chase, shoving him into the florist shop for a few awkward pictures, before giving up and bossing him to a field of sunflowers not too far away. There, he apparently became a worse model, so much so that the woman heaved a growlish sigh and demanded they take a break to eat.

    As they sat down to eat, Theo noticed how warm it was. He'd already shed his scarf like he always did when eating, so not to soil it, but now he also slid out of his jacket. A normal adult might have inquired about the food prepared for him by a stranger, but not Theo. He unquestioningly took a sandwich from her, biting into it with a bit of a pout since he knew he was doing so poorly.

    OH GOD!

    It was spicy! Theo hated spicy things! As if he had bitten into a live snake, he recoiled and spat out the tingly glob of hell's lava, subsequently getting angry red sauce all down his white shirt. Horror dawned on his face with the intensity of a glacier cracking in half. No. NO! This was a disaster! Cheeks flushed with heat from the intolerable sandwich he was still coughing and whining about, he lurched up to try and emergency save his shirt. He couldn't finish taking pictures with stains on him! This would all be fore nothing! It'd end in failure....spicy, stupid failure. Maybe if he took his shirt off, he could use some of his drinking water to get it out or something! Shirt half off, he turned to ask the magazine lady if she had any napkins, but she was no longer on the quilt.


    The sound he'd been hearing for the last couple hours cut through his panic and froze him in place. His eyes lifted slowly, finding her standing back a little ways, in a classic serious photographer pose with bright red cheeks. "That's it..." she breathed, checking her work. "Oh my god....we're finally done...." continued the woman, gleeful tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Released from her torment at last!


    "Ah, ah, ah!" she shushed him, pointing a threatening finger.

    "....but I was just-"

    "SHHH! No more words. This is the shot," she clacked, gathering up her picnic items and bag, shooting him both slightly amused yet firmly decided glances.

    Theo pouted, still standing in place, mid action of taking his shirt off while looking over his shoulder, the sea of sunflowers providing a picturesque backdrop. "Miss--"

    She held up her hand. "This is the lone model-esque shot you've given me all day. It's attractive, and I know you didn't mean to do it, but it is better than I could have hopped for. Thank you very much, Theo Silverschlong. You made me earn my money, but at least you're pretty."

    Theo dropped into silence, blinking at her a few times, unable to form many words to say to any of that....except for one part. Had he heard her right? He at least wanted his name right in the magazine, and definitely not mistyped to what he thought she said. "It's "Silversong"..."

    "Ah! Right. Silversong. That's what I said. Yep. Bye!"

    Theo was not filled with confidence.

    the pics :

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    it seemed a good idea at the time.. [solo job- modeling] TheoSig

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