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    Fred & Smrt go to town


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    Fred & Smrt go to town Empty Fred & Smrt go to town

    Post by Smrt 19th April 2018, 1:08 am

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    Due to pure luck only, Smrt was in Rose Garden. He stood on a busy street watching the people go by, hiding in plain sight from the crimes he committed.
    He just stood as a sudden surge of magic developed. Thousands of circles of different sizes started forming randomly through the town. Panic ensued and people started running.
    The circles were bright, changing colors. There was a sense of strong magic coming from them. The scripts on them were old, cryptic, almost demonic and certainly unknown to most mages, but Smrt could always recognize spatial magic. Those were summoning magic circles.
    A bright red light flashed into Smrt's eyes blinding him completely. Instinctively he made a step back rising his fists and closing his eyes. Screams of nearby people filled the air and he could feel the heat from all directions.
    Whatever these magic circles were summoning was more than enough to destroy the world.
    As he eyesight was coming back, Smrt followed the sounds of crackling fire. The close-by buildings were in flames, people were running out of them screaming in terror, some on fire. As the buildings began to crumble, out of one of them came a man in flames but whose eyes looked out of this world. On his shoulder stood a small salamander-like creature with the skin that crackled and burned and out of which ash was falling. The man stood like he felt no pain as his shoulder was melting. Soon more of such creatures came out and started jumping on things. The creatures looked weak but their touch was what made the conflagration, and that made Smrt worried.
    There was an earthquake as even the sewers were filled with creatures. As the ground sank a swarm of dog-sized rats started coming out. Smrt was the first and maybe the only human in their path and so he knew he had to fight them. They died from a single punch but still, the numbers were what was surprising. Same as the salamanders the rats were weak but numerous and with a decimating power, for salamanders it was fire for rats poison.
    Even with killing hundreds of them Smrt knew he would die, so he phased out of the danger and back to the guild. There he explained what he saw, and days later when the call from the Magic Council came all of Savage Skull knew why it was.

    Smrt returned to Rose Garden. He saw the mayhem first hand so he was not surprised when half of the town was destroyed and with streets filled with demon-like creatures. He waited for Dahau to come and for them together see what they could do about it.

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    Fred & Smrt go to town Smrt_sign


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