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    Post by Desirée Blooms on Wed 18 Apr - 22:15

    Job Information:

    Job Title: Strike a Pose!
    Rank: D rank or above.
    Player Requirements: 1,000 words minimum. Must be Theo, Aoi and Aoba, Desirée Blooms, Leila Vergious, or Lilium.
    Job Requirements: Be a model! Pose for the camera, and be fabulous!
    Job Location: Anywhere in Fiore! The camera crew is very flexible, so you can choose the location!

    Job Description:

    Attention all mages! Attention all mages! Sorcerer’s Magazine is looking for some men and women to include in their next issue! In order to be considered, you must send the editor and chief an application! This application should include a picture of yourself, your name (duh!), why you would like to be featured in the magazine, and whether or not you’ve had any modeling experience. Once you have been chosen, it’s time to pick the location! It can be anywhere from the beach, to your own room! Be as creative as your little heart desires! Wardrobe is also completely up to you! Whether it be the clothes you wear every day, or a fancy gown/tuxedo! The most important part, though, is to get the shots! Pose, dance, pout, do anything to get the perfect picture! Once everything is said and done, you will be paid for your valuable time, and best of all, get your own spot in the next issue of Sorcerer’s Magazine!

    Reward: 2,000 jewels, and your photos featured in the next issue of Sorcerer’s Magazine!



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