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    Oh I just can't wait to be king!


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    Oh I just can't wait to be king!

    Post by Aura on 17th April 2018, 11:23 am

    Job Title: Oh I just can’t wait to be king!
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: Must have Kitalpha Aurence on the job, and be of Silver Wolf.
    Job Requirements: Write 9000 words in total and allow the coronation to take place successfully.
    Job Location:
    Job Description: Upon returning to the guild, Kitalpha is met with a dying knight. The knight begs her to fulfil his dying wish as he entrusts a sword to her care; return the sword to Ministrel and make sure it returns to the crown prince's hands before his coronation. But the task will not be an easy one, as opposing nobles will do anything to stop her from doing so; she thus turns towards her guildmates for help. Protect the sword so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands and make sure the coronation can take place.

    The Crown Prince:

    The Crown Prince, Bohemond. Although he is well-versed in swordplay, his main goal will be to allow you full access to the palace and whichever place you need to venture towards, or grant you authority to a certain extend until the coronation is at hand. He can be used as a companion in battle were one to ensue, but must be protected or kept unharmed at all costs. After all, what type of king would a dead crown prince be?

    Weak - The Nobles:

    The Nobles -- Despite their high statuses, these nobles know little of how to properly wield a sword. They will try to get in your way, and summon servants and minions to fight for them instead. Rather not get those powdery wigs dirty, don't you say?

    Normal - Musketeers:

    Musketeers -- Yes, all for one and one for all. Men in fancy uniforms and cap with magnificent feather, sporting their trusted sword on a belt around their waist. These men have you on the tip of your toes with their swordplay; but that fancy outfit of theirs doesn't really enhance their running skills. A swift pair of legs can get you out of their range if you're not willing to fight;
    or throwing a random chandelier in the middle of the hallway should do the trick as well. In case you're wondering why so many are present in the palace.

    Strong - Court Magus:

    Court Magus -- The lucky few hired by the palace to reinforce the musketeers in case they cannot handle the opponent at hand with mere physical prowess. The can cast the basic elements and have a wide variety of spells at their command, yet most tend to focus on a single element. As how to deal with these boys and girls, you ask...? Just don't get hit?

    Boss - The Princess:

    The Princess -- Princess Rosalie, the true mastermind behind the scheming. Although she cannot fight herself, the Princess will summon any of the enemies below to her aid whenever she can to cross your path. Take care of her quickly once you find out about her true plans, but remember; you don't normally hit a woman... or so they say.

    Reward: B-rank exp, 30k jewels each, and national fame and recognition in the country of Ministrel for stopping the planned coop and aiding the new king in ascending to the throne.


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    Re: Oh I just can't wait to be king!

    Post by Guest on 17th April 2018, 2:38 pm

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