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    Moecha Putida ♟ Yuzuki Job


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    Moecha Putida ♟ Yuzuki Job

    Post by Ambrosia on 16th April 2018, 4:03 am

    Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo

    Job Information
    Oh it had such a sweet name, clover town, sweet meadows of happy little clovers and flowers, little children frolicking around and spreading their infectious thoughts. Yet there would be no meadows where she was visiting, nor would there be any children, for this was an establishment for adults and those who are mature. Clover town, it appeared so perfect at times, a quaint little town which was built up by the strength of heroes past, both mages and more mundane livestock whom had been considered to be the prime of their flocks gathered in one place to rest and retire. Growing old, surely that was something which would be considered unnecessary by the great ones who ruled from above. This little town built by those old and aged, yet the term age was not one she associated with that of wine. Not in a good way, it made her think of useless things, objects gathered with no purpose other than to gather dust, surely it would be best to remove them.  

    Heels softly clicking against the cobbles as she skipped towards the building which appeared so typical of those in the trade with its eon lights and signage that hinted at a fun night for the lonely. Hair trailed behind her, its soft colour shimmering softly under the warming lights which brightened the streets with help from the moon's rays cast down from above, wind picked it up, playing with the pigtails and curling them around. Perhaps she looked like one of those folk, short skirt and long socks, smooth socks with the tops of them having just a hit of blue the entire outfit tied together nicely, gloves and socks matching the colours even complimenting the hues of eyes and hair. Certainly it was a outfit she was proud of, lavish amounts of bows, lace and hearts, just the sort of thing which attracted those below her like moths grasping onto any flicker of light. Revealing enough skin to be alluring yet hiding some so that it always kept the suitors craving more. It did appear quite frilly her attire, lace and frills surrounded by the shapes of hearts and roses, whilst others waiting on street corners were smothered in makeup and sin the female knew that she would rise above the rest, partially in her actual form, the two were mixed with human ears and a tail poked through, embellishing her features with a soft cuteness. It was a style she knew well how to pull off, and oh how they fell for it, the foolish way that those male homosapiens, mages and farmers alike tripping over their skirts to bow down at the feet of woman who layered themselves in the shiniest or sparkliest clothes, skimping of fabric and pushing up breasts, exaggerating height and accentuating curves. It was amusing almost, watching how when the sun fell from grace and the moon crawled its way back up that the lesser beings were dragged out into the world, trying their hardest to appear in a way that would be craved by the money distributing males.

    This was a pen that she rather not visit, stuffed full of undesirables who thought that they could lay their hands across a being such as her despite merely having a similar appearance. Yet apparently this establishment held some citrus scents, smells of interest and amusement. This place had been told to her, whispers of a black market in the back rooms. Yet the world did not play around her in  monochrome, nor was there a single reel playing. This could take multiple paths, there was no set outcome now that she held the information. Other than lounging on a street corner within sight of the energetic doorway she could only wait, for someone who appeared to be invested in the darkened business or perhaps another like herself, prodding around in other people's business with an additional party member would bring up the enjoyment, unpredictability made for the most enjoyable days.

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    Re: Moecha Putida ♟ Yuzuki Job

    Post by lavenderflower77 on 20th April 2018, 3:02 am

    trust only - yourself
    what a cyanide surprise
    you have left for my eyes!
    if i had common sense
    i'd cut myself
    or curl up and die

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    Silver eyes traced the contours of a building, lost in thought as the crinkled paper in the creature’s hand flapped noisily in the breeze. Yuzuki didn’t often come to Clover Town, for the obnoxious population of Rune Knights and good-doers acted as an efficient repellent. The sheer lack of filth and poverty provided few opportunities for the semi-fey to steal something without it becoming huge and political – while such things were fun in moderation, she was rarely in the mood. She’d been a street thief for near thirty-five years by now, and there was no reason to change that. Lazily letting herself fall backwards on the tree branch Yuzuki was currently perched upon, the semi-fey dangled by her knees, watching the world flip itself upside down before letting go and falling into the shadows before. It was a pretty useful ability, being able to simply travel through shadows like that. For once, the semi-fey let herself feel a bit of gratitude for her weapon, slinging the spear behind her back as she waited in the shadow of a street lamp, yearning for the skies to darken. It had been a while since she took up a mage’s job, but she needed to get back into the flow sometime, right?

    The sky would slowly darken as the lamp came on, illuminating her form under its warm light. She didn’t have to hide too much here – it wasn’t like Yuzuki was a well-known villain or anything even close, after all. Sure, perhaps she’d slaughtered a few people every here and there, stolen something important every few months or so, or burned down a few farms, but it was nothing that drew the big attention. She’d been careful about that up until recently: the realization had hit her rather uneducated brain several months ago, that she had no need to mind what others thought of her. As long as she could escape, who cared? The fey were not easily killed, anyways.

    The moon was now shining brightly up in the night sky, shedding its benevolent glow down on the moonlight mage as she raised her tattooed arm up to the skies. Silver symbols faded in and out of the light as they were charged with the lunar energy, and the girl was feeling rather refreshed in a matter of seconds. It was time to get to it then.

    Brothels were not places that Yuzuki often frequented. Being no man nor particularly pretty woman, and looking only around the age of fourteen, they weren’t locations where she would be very welcome. Instead, with her ratty black hair and dangerously sharp teeth and ears, she preferred to keep her sexual life limited to occasional one-night stands at some cheap non-human Talonian bar instead. No one judged there, and criminality was the norm among that particular crowd. No need for stuffy brothels and the like. But here she was anyways, standing in front of the gaudy neon sign with a look of very evident distaste on her face. Her only motivation was jewel, and even that wasn’t feeling very motivational right now. Unless…unless the tip she’d received was correct. If this place truly was also a black market location, perhaps there was something to be gotten after all. Maybe she could nick a few things of use – a potion or illegal items were always intriguing.

    Sighing, she tried to keep the thought present in her mind as she moved for the door, not even bothering to hide herself. Unlike the woman whom she was soon to meet, Yuzuki was not one who cared for appearances. Occasionally, she had indeed disguised herself, but found no use in such a location as this one. If all else failed, a simple cloak of moonlight would be more than adequate for her, hiding her from sight. However, as she advanced, her eyes would catch on the outlines of another figure standing nearby, clothed in shadows and dressed in a ridiculous quantity of frills. The woman gave off a strange scent – not quite human, and reeking of magic. Another mage here? Was she a guard or just someone else who had heard of the marketplace? Not wanting to risk anything, Yuzuki clicked her tongue in irritation before opening a gash in the shadows below herself, appearing momentarily besides the blue-eyed woman. Perhaps she should kill her. The magical signature felt inferior to her own, and it wouldn’t take too much effort to deal with it, right? But the non-human smell that was now stronger than ever intrigued the thief, and it would be disappointing to let someone so fascinating get away. “Cats and magic.” The semi-fey voiced her thoughts aloud, casting a gaze of silver daggers towards the woman and noting the feline attributes she possessed. “Wouldn’t it be funny, if the guard of this place were a magical cat?”
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    What a cyanide surprise you have left for my eyes! If I had common sense I'd cut myself or curl up and die --

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