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    HOMEWRECKER | solo

    Post by Evan on 15th April 2018, 2:20 pm

    The Neutral Grounds were a rather odd place. They almost acted in a way that was completely contradictory to the rest of Earthland as most of the citizens loved magic and always viewed it as a way to advance life further and it brought people closer together or something that was really bullshit of the sort. But the Neutral Grounds seemed to act in a way that was humans were better off without magic and that it was holding them back from developing further. It was kind of a silly way to think but there was a reason people were encouraged to research and understand the magical elements of the world, and it was because it brought the world further than it has ever been before. Although, the Neutral Grounds honestly seemed to give up on their primitive style of thinking. Smiling, Atlas would sit up on the boat as the captain announced that they'd be passing through the border, which in turn would cancel all magic. At first, he found it interesting but when they actually physically passed the border, the god would fall to his knees in pain as he felt his appearance begin to change. He'd revert to something similar to his true form even though he was in his human form while travelling here. Apparently, the God Soul was inherently magical and not holy, causing it's effects to get cancelled when passing into this area. Breathing out shaky breaths as he wiped some saliva off his mouth, he'd reach into his jacket as he grabbed a flask. Taking a chug of the flask, he'd let out a sigh of relief as the alcohol actually hit him for once. That's the reaction he's always wanted but the alcohol never delivered. It confirmed that the only reason he could stay sober was the God Soul and when it wasn't active, he could get as drunk as he would want to. He was... actually quite a lightweight and the God Soul just made him a thousand times more tolerant than other humans actually. Just at the simple chug of the alcohol he had in his flask, he was already starting to have a bit of a glow on his cheeks. Smiling as he made his way to the port, he'd stumble a couple times while drinking more of the alcohol in his flask along the way. It felt good to not be in control and completely immune and he found the danger in this situation quite exciting actually. He'd begin his long journey to the iLac store, slowly becoming more and more intoxicated with each sip of his own crafted alcohol, that was way too strong for it's own good.

    Upon reaching the store, Atlas could barely walk straight but he had accomplished and made it. Grinning, the brunette would almost not be let in the factory out of fear that he might hurt himself but considering Atlas was already a flirt, his inhibitions while drunk were a lot lower compared to when he is sober. And it's already hard going passed rock bottom as is. Grabbing the attendant's arm by the wrist, the young man would try to yank it away as Atlas unbuttoned the man's shirt. Prepared to blow his whistle for security, Atlas would slip his tongue into the mouth of the unsuspecting employee as he stood in shock. Moving them to the side of the factory, Atlas would begin to slip off the shirt of the young black haired man. His name didn't matter as the employee tried to introduce himself between his pants but Atlas continued to kiss him passionately but pulling away rather abruptly. With his clothes still on perfectly, the employee looked like one who was expecting a lot more as Atlas simply said, "Hey there. You seem like a guy who knows a good time when he sees one. But, as fun as this could be, could I get my iLac?" The black haired man, whose face was beet red at the moment, furiously nodded his head and grabbed a package from his bag and handed it to the powerless god. Smiling as he opened it, Atlas would pull out the emerald green iLac as he quickly memorized the number needed for contact. He would lean close to the ear of the attendant as he remembered the number in his head, for when he needed a... special visit. Atlas would smile as he stumbled away, leaving the black haired man confused as to why he was semi undressed beside his workplace, why the taste of alcohol was in his mouth and why he felt so light headed and short of breath.

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