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    Sayrn's Template Storage.


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    Sayrn's Template Storage.

    Post by Sayrn on 8th April 2018, 20:52

    This is where any notes or fancy quotes/song lyrics can go! If you don't need it, simply delete the text within this space. It will scroll if needed.
    Ok! That is it! This is the final straw! I’ve had it with all you frickin’ trolls and all you frickin’ haters and all you frickin sonic fan fricks. You guys are the ones that ruined sonic for everyone! Cant you see that? What the frick! Are you guys doing! Asking for all this fricking garbage- why do we need sonic adventure 3? Why do we need sonic heroes 3? Why do we need anithr boost to win title? Why do we need a sonic 2006 sequel? Why do we need all that? Cant we have a 3d [environment] classic sonic game for crying out frickin loud! You guys killed the sonic series all you frickin fan fricks and your frickin fantasies spewed out at you by frickin poo merchants!!! I’m tired of all you fricks! I’m so frickin mad! I’m so frickin mad- I mean, you guys- you guys have officially made me lose my marbles! Why cant you guys just ask for a 3d environment classic sonic game! This is a nightmare! [throws chair] I’m sure no sonic fan predict- would predict- that the adventure- the adventure fantasizes would ruin everything! [breathing heavily] and now- and now I bet by now that sega has got a freakin sonic adventure 3 in development with sonic team because you frickin fricks can’t ever, be quenched. Your fantasies can’t ever be quenched- can they? You frickin fricks. When will you learn.. When will you learn that your actions have consequences!? You guys keep on asking for sonic adventure 3! You’re ruining the sonic series- hasn’t it already suffered enough!?

    And it’s still suffering! What the frick! Sega just can’t perfect sonic in the modern world, can they? All ‘cuz we have to have modern sonic! We have to have the modern characters! We have to have we have to have an adventure title don’t we? Another adventure title! Aaahhhh!!! You frickin fricks! I’ve had it! I’ve frickin had it! You guys have officialy ruined everything! You’ve ruined the sonic series the sonic series is dead because of the sonic fanbase I will forever hate the sonic fanbase they ruined everything ruin everything! I hate the sonic fanbase! I! Hate ‘em! [breathing] why is the sonic fanbase have to be like this? Why’s the sonic fanbase have to be so numbskulled!? Can’t you guys frickin’ accept, that we need a 3d environment classic sonic game!? Holy frickin’ fricks! Holy frickin’ fricks! Why can’t we have a 3d environment classic sonic game? Is that so hard to ask? Why can’t we have a sonic cd sequel- or a sonic prequel- or, even, a proper sonic 4!? Why can’t we have that!? Why do we need a sonic adventure 3!?!? Why do we need that?!? Why!??! Tell me! (gets uncomfortably close to the camera) tell me. Tell me now! Raah! Curse you sonic fricks! You guys ruined it! You ruined it and your frickin fantasies your adventure fantasies- let’s see, ooh yeah give us a sonic adventure 3, give us treasure hunting- give us shooting- that’s what sonic’s all about, huh!?!? Right! Right! Sega, right! Give us frickin’ more sonic clones! Yeah, we need more of those! As if shadow wasn’t enough- or silver, oh woh, while you’re at it, why not- why not frickin’ give us more dragon ball z sonic duels! We’ll need that huh! We all need that! Why don’t need classic sonic right!?!? Wrooong!!

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