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    Strike a Pose (Solo Job)

    Leila Moon
    Leila Moon

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    Strike a Pose (Solo Job) Empty Strike a Pose (Solo Job)

    Post by Leila Moon on 7th April 2018, 1:30 am


    Leila felt the sunlight sink into her skin, its warm filling her with absolute joy and making the young neko feel tired as she lay on her back in the guild hall’s courtyard. She had to admit this place was pretty amazing and for the most part fairly quiet as people only came here to relax or tend to the garden. However, her relaxation was disrupted at the sound of footsteps approaching, a shadow cast over her face, forcing Leila to open one of her yellow eyes only to see a lady she didn’t recognise standing over her. She closed her eye again and sighed "Oh my, she’s absolutely perfect, completely magnificent!" A strange voice echoed, causing Leila to flick back her ears. "I thought you’d like her, she seemed like a good match to the description you gave me." A voice that was somewhat familiar said. Leila forced herself to stand up and look at the two females who were staring at her like she was some kind of delicious dinner, ready to eat her up.

    "Er… What’s going on here?" Leila asked curiously, honestly a little afraid of the way they were looking her up and down. One woman she recognised and matched the second voice to, she was one of the receptionists here at Fairy Tail, but the other one she didn’t know. The woman was dressed like a superstar, and had an aura of importance about her, so she had to be a client of some kind, but what they wanted with Leila she wasn’t sure about "It’s your lucky day, Leila!" The receptionist started, Leila highly doubted that, if she'd been lucky she could have spent all day sunbathing, "You see this here is the famous Chanelle, and she came to us looking for a new model for her campaign on eco-friendly clothing. I thought you’d be perfect for the position. Anyway, since I’ve introduced the two of you, I’ll get going now, I got work to do." And with that she headed off, leaving Leila to deal with the designer all on her own, she wasn’t sure what to do or say, she honestly had never paid attention to designers back in Joya, and most certainly didn’t know any of them from Fiore, but she didn’t want to be rude to a paying client so she bit her tongue.

    "So, Leila was it?" The designer said, removing her glasses, taking another look over the neko, "Yes you’ll indeed be perfect, those cat-like attributes will really compliment my designs, let’s go!" the woman commanded, not giving Leila any time to respond, instead she quickly followed, she didn’t want to mess up one of her first jobs as part of a guild after all, she needed to make sure she made them proud. It wasn’t long before Leila found herself in the east forest, people shoving her this way and that for various tasks before the shoot could begin. First she had her hair and makeup done, while she disliked the attention she had to admit the makeup artist did an amazing job, she looked stunning. Next she was put into the first costume, it was a dress that where the material was made to look like various plants flowing down. Interesting concept, but none the less it looked alright, albeit a bit strange. Leila stood in front of the camera, she knew how to pose, but that didn’t mean she had to enjoy it, the photographer went crazy, giving her commands and snapping away vigorously before telling her to change outfits.

    The next outfit was a rather revealing number, that she was told was meant to signify clean, unpolluted air. It was basically a tube top with a short skirt, but she was used to wearing a similar outfit so she dealt with it. Posing as commanded, and allowing the photographer to get what he needed for the magazine. This process continued for hours, outfit change, photos taken, occasionally her makeup needed redoing or her hair style changed. She put up with all of it, not wanting to disappoint the guild by failing such a simple mission, hating every second of it.When the sun was about to set, she was told they were finally finished for the day and she can expect her payment from the Fairy Tail office soon. Leila let out a loud sigh, glad that it was finally all over. She changed back into her regular outfit, before bidding farewell to Chanelle, who told her that if she was ever interested in dropping wizardry as a profession she’d be more than welcome as one of her full time models. Leila thanked her for her kind offer, but politely refused, there was no way in hell she could put up with that kind of torture full time, besides she had important dreams to fulfill.

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