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    Stop hitting yourself

    Aura Sparks
    Aura Sparks

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    Stop hitting yourself Empty Stop hitting yourself

    Post by Aura Sparks 31st March 2018, 11:39 pm

    It was a Friday, or was it a Tuesday? Aura couldn't tell which it was for some reason. Something was strange about the area she was in because things started to get hazier and hazier as she couldn't remember anything at all. After a few minutes, all she could remember was what she looked like. As she focused on her face she closed her eyes as she felt a sudden burst of sleepiness fall over her. As she went to sleep she looked up and saw a beautiful girl with blue hair as she picked her up by the feet and dragged her somewhere. Aura was too tired to care so she just dozed off without a care in the world. As she dreamed her little dream, she felt bumps going down her back as though rocks were hitting it.

    She opened her eyes to a hazy area that seemed like a dream. Aura was sure it was because as she looked around, she started to see the remnants of her old home. Every time she looked away then back at them, she saw them turn black as the flames of her old house devoured them. She felt the air as it captured her breath, and she couldn't breathe at all, as though the flames were consuming it as well. She couldn't breathe as she started to hyperventilate but yet no air was going back in, only air was coming out. She couldn't breathe as the dream started to suffocate her with a high intent to kill.

    As the eyes in her head rolled back into where it was placed, Aura opened her eyes to what seemed like a blurry blob. Along with this was the sound of something cooking, from Aura's sense of smell it was eggs. As her vision began to clear up, she noticed something. She looked down to see her body was tied to some sort of pole like area made of wood. She tried to struggle out of it but she couldn't. As she tried to shake free, she heard an awfully too familiar voice coming from behind her. The voice said to Aura, "Tsk tsk tsk...how saddening to see my doppelganger so weak and helpless. How could I possibly be a copy to you?" As Aura looked to her side she looked in awe as she thought she was looking through a mirror. As she looked closely at the face, she realized that it was an exact copy of her. She tried to look for the word of this odd situation and thought to herself as she said, "Doppel...Doppelganger?" The copy of Aura then looked at her and then booped Aura on the nose with a bright smile on her face. She then said, "Yep, that's what you are. Just a copy of me that I will soon have to destroy. Lucky for you, you get to see your child's home before you die."

    Aura looked in question as she saw that the room was exactly like the living room of her childhood home. She felt a tear go down her face as she tried to struggle free as best she could before she would be overcome by grief. The doppelganger then laughed as she turned away and started to say, "Isn't it just great to see your home one last time before you perish. It's funny because instead of your family dying in this house, it will be you and look it seems like I have forgotten to turn off the stove." As she walked closer to it she put her hand on the dial as she turned it the wrong way and put it on high. With a tiny grin, she said loudly, "Perfect! Now it seems like I have to leave before things get overheated with my boss."

    As Aura 2 walked through the door of the place, the eggs caught on fire. Aura screamed as she was sure that she would soon experience what her parents had felt but she didn't want it to happen. She didn't want it to happen now or never, she knew her parents wouldn't want her to just sit there and die so she had to think of something and fast, As she tried to clear her mind she saw the pan begin to shake as the eggs of fire flew onto the ground near Aura. Before Aura burned to a crisp she thought of an idea. It was a long shot but as she reached for her book, she opened it to the page of Pisces and reached through it. As she got the key out she used the sharp edge of it to cut the rope. As it cut through the first wrap Aura became ecstatic as she began to cut faster and faster, loosening the rope to the point where she could just slide it completely off. As she fell out of the ropes she began to sweat with extreme heat as the ropes that laid where she previously was, was set on fire. As she looked towards the door, she knew she had to get out of the house before the whole place went down in a ball of fire, literally.

    She reached the door only to find it was locked on the inside. She forgot about that feature of her house which she thought was completely idiotic. She remembered that if it wasn't for that her family wouldn't have died but then a thought flashed through her head. She thought to herself, "Wait, mom and dad were powerful mages, why couldn't they just blast the door." It was too hot to think straight for now so she just shrugged the feeling away. As she looked at her book, she opened it and went to a page that said, "Blood Red." As she reads the name of Red, she reaches into the book and takes out a celestial key. As she raises it into the air, she yells out, "From the gate of stories, open gate of the traveler Little Red Riding Hood."

    As she said this 2 scythes formed in the shape of a heart as they exploded into tinier hearts. As they cleared up a little girl came from then dressed in a red hood with an eyepatch and a scythe of steel. She looked at Aura in question and asked her, "Is there anything to kill? I'm ready for some blood!" With a slight wave, Aura said, "No but I need you to break this door down before I burn from that fire. I swear there will be some blood after we get through here though." With a few slight claps, Red raised her scythe and struck it upon the wooden door as it crumbled to pieces. Aura then high fived her as the 2 ran out of the house...which now actually seemed to be just one room because right as they exited, it seemed like they were in some sort of cave. The house was just one room that appeared to look like Aura's living room/kitchen. As she looked around she tried to find traces of her doppelganger.

    As she saw footprints of the doppelganger, they seemed to lead upward until Aura saw a dark figure standing on top of one of the various large rocks in the cave. One of her eyes gleamed red as it turned back to its original color, which felt odd to Aura. As the doppelganger jumped down from the rock, Red and Aura both backed up from the identical to Aura. They seemed scared but they stood their ground. She then smiled and pulled out a purple unlike Aura's blue one and pulled out a key. As she raised it up into the air she yelled out, "From the gate of stories, open gate of the traveler Little Pink Riding Hood." As she did this the same animation from before happened with Red's summoning but instead of Red coming out, a girl like Red came out but she wore a pink coat. She smiled as she licked her lips at the site of new blood. Without any chatter, she ran up to Red but Red fast enough to vault off of her scythe with ease. Red then put on her angry face as the new opponent stared at her with an insane smile. Mer looked at them fight as the doppelganger slowly walked towards her. Without noticing Aura saw Red slash a cut across Pinky's face as it drew blood. Aura then saw as Red became invigorated at the site of it.

    Right as Red did this, the doppelganger pounced on Aura as she let her guard down. Aura pinned her to the ground as she punched Aura across the face with a red mark that was left behind. Using as much strength as she could muster, Aura pushed up on the hand that was holding the doppelganger up and knocked Aura to the ground. Before Aura could summon another creature, the doppelganger through her purple book at Aura's book and knocked it a few feet away from the 2 of them. As she tried to run to it the doppelganger tackled her but luckily Aura was able to see that Red had defeated her doppelganger in time. Sadly though she looked like she could use some assistance as well. She had a hard time standing up but she had enough strength to throw her scythe towards Aura. Thankfully Red knew which one the right character was or else Aura would've been in big trouble. As the sycthe reached Aura's hand, she slashed it in the face of the doppelganger. As she screamed and clamped onto her cheek with her hand.

    As the doppelganger did this, Aura ran straight past her and towards the 2 books. Aura then turned the pages and found the page she wanted as she called back Red with a kiss on her key. The words in between the 2 pages had said, "The Toxic Mother & Influential Son." As Aura reached into the one on the left, she felt the key as she raised it into the air. As it was raised an arrow with a snake head at the end of it flew upwards as it turned into a woman with a dress on. The more you looked at her the more you saw she was different. She had snakes for hair and some sort of snake tail. As she cackled she seemed to already realize what was going on by sensing it from Aura. With a pull of her bow, she seemed to have made one of her arrows glow as she opened all her's and her snakes' eyes at once. With this, the doppelganger froze to stone as the arrow made a dent in her. You could tell from the stone that she had a frightful look on her face but as you looked into her eyes deeper, you entered into a vision. It was of some sort of mirror-like object as it shined with a bright light, it blinded Aura to where she couldn't see anything.

    As Aura looked around she saw that the area was brighter than what she saw before. She looked up to see that she was where she was before but that strange feeling was gone. She then rubbed her eyes to try and make the area less blurry as she saw a broken mirror right in front of her. Trying to look through it, she saw herself turned to stone and realized that everything wasn't a dream after all. She looked down at it with a scared look and threw it at the ground. With 10 stomps she expected it to never hurt her or anyone else again, but who knew what would happen with it after Aura left it all by itself. She placed it into a patch of some tall grass as she continued into the desolate forest. She looked down at the ground and began contemplating the thought of her parents before as she strolled off into the dark.

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