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    Reach for the Sky [Solo Training]


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    Reach for the Sky [Solo Training] Empty Reach for the Sky [Solo Training]

    Post by Pokomon on 27th March 2018, 4:19 am

    The grass gently swayed in the wind as Poko sat cross-legged with her eyes closed in the middle of the forest clearing, surrounded by a ring of ancient trees. She took deep breaths, meditating and concentrating on the air and the molecules around her as she compressed them tightly till they formed the shapes she desired. Firstly, she focused on the particles around her back, compressing them around her shoulder blades, before working them outwards to give them an angelic feather-like appearance. The wings shimmered in the sun as they light hit and reflected off the molecules and dust particles collected as the air was pressured into such a form, causing them to create an array of nearly invisible colours that could only be seen to those truly attentive.

    Poko snapped her eyes open, it was time to test them. She stood quickly before blasting air using both her hands and feet to propel herself into the sky. Upon reaching the apex of her leap she spread the wings made of air outwards, letting the feathers catch in the breeze, she slowly glided back down towards the ground, but before touching the earth below, she forced the wings to beat downwards, forcing her back towards the sky. 'Again.' she told herself as she beat her wings faster, forcing herself up and up, a smirk upon her lips. FINALLY.

    Overcome with joy Poko spiralled and twirled herself around in the air, she had finally mastered the art of her wings, allowing her to fly, she couldn’t wait to find Zephyr and show him her success. She had left the creature with those she had been travelling with while she had spent the day training.  Now she could finally fly around with him the way she’d dreamt of since they had first met. She raced through the sky towards the camp where her comrades were waiting, a huge smile now plastered on her face, her eyes glowing yellow in pure happiness.


    Poko’s eyes widened, 'What was that sound? What is happening? Why am I falling?' she slipped through the air, the realisation hitting her like a truck. 'Guess there’s still a limit…' the blonde sighed, falling with one arm out stretched, reaching towards the sky, lost in thought. She closed her eyes before forcing her body to turn to face the forest below. 'CRAP!' Poko cursed to herself internally, she had fallen further than she’d first thought; it was going to be a rough landing. She forced a small ball of air from her hand, enough to slow herself a bit, but not enough to stop the descent completely as she came crashing into the first set of branches. She plummeted down through the rest of the tree she had fallen next to, leaves and twigs whipping against her soft skin, she closed her eyes, bracing for impact. Pain shot through her body as she landed face first on the hard, dirt ground under the shade of the forest roof.  She let out a small cry of pain as she rolled onto her back. She breathed heavily as she lay on the ground, looking up to the sky pas the leaves above. She closed her eyes in defeat, no longer the happy yellow but a calm sky blue. ‘One day.’ She promised to herself, 'One day.'

    Poko was thankful for her ability to heal herself as she began to feel the air molecules get to work on her skin, repairing the cuts and stopping bruises that would have formed otherwise. Once she was certain she was completely healed up she took a deep breath before forcing herself to stand and make her way back by foot to her friends, they would be waiting for her after all.


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