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    Infinite Ice (WIP)

    Post by Hayden Infinis on Mon 26 Mar 2018, 8:17 am

    Hayden Infinis
    Infinite Ice ☪ Caster Magic ☪ Secondary: N/A 
    Frozen In Time|Deep Freeze|Life and Death|Reaching Balance|Cold Snap

    All things are immortal when preserved in ice. As long as the ice doesn't melt, an object will retain it's form for centuries, buried in the ice. Ice preserves, but it can also kill. Though the ice preserves the shape of objects trapped within, it also kills whatever is hidden beneath the surface. Once the ice melts, the trapped objects wither away to nothing. Ice is like time itself, it can kill, or it can preserve things for centuries.

    Within himself, Hayden holds the power of ice and time itself. Coating things in ice is like setting a timer. Once that ice melts, your time is up. Similarly, time is like ice. It can remain frozen and preserve things that should be long dead, but once the ice finally begins to melt, it kills.

    Hayden controls these two powerful forces. Ice and time. Time and ice. He can age plant or animal life to wither and die, or cause what is now only dust to become fertile and green last more. He can freeze and capture objects in ice, or melt the ice and set objects free. It is a cycle of life and death he controls, one that is hard to interfere with. It is a delicate balance, for life and death go hand in hand.


    Balance: This magic is all about balance. For every destructive spell, there is a spell that heals or repairs. For every ice spell, there is a time one. For everything that creates new life, there are things that kill. Altogether, the magic acts as a balanced cycle, and because of that balance can be wielded in many different ways.

    Strong Against Water: Because ice is really just frozen water, it tends to be rather effective against water spells, since ice can simply freeze over the water spell. The ice spells of this magic are 20% more powerful against water.

    Strong Against Chaos/Darkness: Chaos and darkness are all about disorder and uneven cycles. This magic is all about balance and order. Because of this, any time spells of this magic are 20% more effective when faced with darkness or chaos users.


    Weak to Fire: Fire melts ice. Fire burns all things away and leaves only ashes in it’s wake. Because fire is the natural opposite of ice, all ice spells of this magic are 20% less effective against fire users.

    Weak to Light: This magic is very similar to light. It is based off of order, harmony, and balance. Life and death all in one. Because light is associated with order and balance, all time spells of this magic are 20% less effective against light users due to the similarities they possess.

    No Particularly Strong Areas: Because this magic is about balance, that means all things in the magic are equal. However, this also means no area of the magic is particularly stronger than the other. There is no specialties in this magic, there is no ultimate spell. All is equal, and though that can be a strength, it is also a major flaw.

    Delayed Time: Because of the way time works, all time spells in this magic have a delayed reaction. They take time, even if they are speeding up time. All time spells in this magic require at least 1 post of charge-up, and can be stopped before they start if the user is hit while the spell is charging up.


    Other Half
    Description: A very long time has passed since the initial curse that caused this "condition". One of your ancestors was in the middle of a war and was desperate enough to trade off his sanity for immense power. They were able to win the war and spare their village, but were quickly executed after it was all over. The village elder had hoped that they were the last of his "kind" while burning the body, but what they didn't know was that they had given birth to a child already. This condition wasn't initially spotted, so it was kept under wraps from everyone else. When the child was old enough, the remaining parent sent them off to avoid persecution from the village's residents.
    Ability: The user is able to drown out any sense of pain and goes into a state of all out attack. Though, they still take damage, they don't feel it. This also clouds the ability to distinguish friend from foe. 
    They temporarily gain 100% HP more when used,  but their true HP is damaged first.   If damage would kill them normally, they continue to use the temporary HP for the duration.  They don't need to breathe and seem to ignore massive damage to vital organs including brain, lungs, and heart.
    The all-out attacking frenzy increases damage they do by 50%.
    Once the spell ends if they took damage exceeding their normal HP, they die then rather than earlier when the damage was taken.
    This effect automatically triggers if reduced to 0% HP,  or can be activated intentionally.   They can be healed while in this effect and if healed above 0% HP they won't die.
    Usage: 6 posts. 10 post cooldown. The extra HP does not regenerate after use and if used again starts where it was before.

    Unique Abilities:

    Frozen In Time: Because the user has learned how to balance and control time, they may choose to age more slowly, or age themselves faster. Hayden may age or de-age his body to any age he wishes, essentially . He could be a child, or an old man, a teen or an adult, he can choose his own age.

    Deep Freeze: Because Hayden utilizes ice, he is not affected by it in nature. He does not feel the cold any more, and gains a 20% resistance to all ice spells used against him. If he were to sit in an ice storm naked he could survive easily, and if you dump ice water on him he's unlikely to notice.

    Life and Death: All things die eventually. But life exists side by side with death. Hayden can control the plantlife and npc animals that aren't pets around him, either aging it until it is completely dead, or de-aging it to be young and healthy once more. This may be used at any point out of combat, in combat it can be used as a charge up spell with 1 post charging period, instant usage after the charge, and 3 posts cooldown. This may not be used on animals controlled by a PC, though it may be used on spells that grow plants or such up to the user’s rank.

    Reaching Balance: The path to reach balance is a difficult one, but if met yields great rewards. This is more true for the user, devoting their whole life into it. When the user successfully casts a time spell after a ice one, or vice versa, a faint shroud of frost coats there body. This is the effect of there body reaching balance, and only increases every time they are able to cast a time spell after a ice one(or vice versa).  If they are able to do this casting 4 times in a row without breaking the order, they will gain a new level of balance, their body seemingly coated in solid frost but still able to move without effort. This will grant the next time spell and the next ice spell they cast improved abilities. The time spell can be cast without a cast time, and the ice spell's effects are considered a rank higher then what the spell actually is. This stacking does not occur again until the ice and time spell buff is consumed, and if interrupted will reset this back to 0, and the frost on the user's body shattering harmlessly off of them.

    Credit to Weretiger for this UA.

    Cold Snap: Ice is a mysterious element, one moment it is as solid as a mountain, and in the next shatters like glass. The user fully aware of this is able to use this mystery against their foes. If the user has a ice based debuff or defensive spell out, they can pay half the mana of the spell's original spell cast to end its effects early and deal 50% normal spell damage of that rank in a AoE. The range and speed change depending on the rank of the spell, and naturally travels farther and faster the higher the spell's rank was.

    D rank= 30m, 15 m/s
    C Rank= 60m, 30m/s
    B Rank= 100m, 50m/s
    A Rank= 150m, 75m/s
    S Rank= 200m, 100m/s

    Credit to Weretiger for this UA.

    D Ranks:  

    Name: Glacial Cannon
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Description: Hayden puts out one hand in front of him, and a burst of ice shoots from his palm to fly at the target, dealing D rank damage if it hits. The burst of ice is small, about 3 inches long, and is shaped like a diamond. It is hard enough that it will only shatter on contact if equal or greater force is applied. It moves at speeds of 7.5 m/s and has a range of 15 meters.
    -It is a simple projectile, that moves fast. It needs nothing fancy to activate it, so it is easy to use if something fast is needed.
    -Because it is simple, it is also simple to deflect. Fire can melt it, and shields or armor will shatter it.
    -Is pretty useless against earth magic, due to the fact that frozen earth only gets harder.

    Name: Forward In Time
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Duration: 1 Post
    Cooldown: 3 Posts

    Name: Accelerate Healing
    Rank: D
    Type: Supportive, Healing
    Duration: 2 Posts
    Cooldown: 3 Posts
    Description: The user speeds up time pertaining to their injuries, healing them of D rank damage. To do this they will place one hand over the affected area, which will then glow faintly aa the user begins to heal. This will affect their smaller injuries, and requires them to concentrate. No other spells can be used while this is in effect, though the user can move around.
    -Heals any smaller injuries
    -Can still move while the spell is active
    -Cannot use any other spells while it is in effect
    -Can't heal anything big

    Name: Icy Defense
    Rank: D
    Type: Defensive
    Duration: 1 post or 3 D ranks hits
    Cooldown: 3 posts
    Description: The user forms an icy coating over their own body, able to stand up to certain amounts of damage. This will coat everything but the user’s hands, mouth, nose, and eyes. It can take 3 D rank hits or 1 C rank hit before shattering. The user can still move due to the ice being thin.
    -Provides a temporary shield from spell damage
    -Can still move around
    -Shatters quickly
    -Melted by fire spells instantly no matter the rank

    C Ranks:
    O T H E R
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