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    Interception Sabotage (Solo)


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    Interception Sabotage (Solo) Empty Interception Sabotage (Solo)

    Post by HirokoD on 21st March 2018, 5:02 pm

    Job Title: Interception Sabotage
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: 1 C Rank or 2 D Rank mages minimum, 6 mages maximum, 4,000 words total, 2,000 to solo.
    Job Requirements: Steal the info before it arrives at its destination.
    Job Location: Anywhere in Landforms or Cursed Lands.
    Job Description: There is a guarded caravan going from some location to another location, the details aren't that important. What is significant? Is the information contained within the transport, your goal for whatever reason is to somehow cause this information to come into your possession.
    Weak: 10x Random Bystanders
    This isn't the sort of caravan that straight up avoids passing civilians, so if you don't target them off the beaten path there is a high chance you will have to deal with civilians as well! These people go down easy in a single d rank strike and only deal half d rank damage.

    Normal: 8x 'Human' Guards
    These guards are humanoid in shape but not necessarily humans, they deal armed C rank damage but only take two hits each to down.

    Strong: 6x Guard Animals
    Possibly mounted by the 'human' guards these beasts of burden are domesticated animals or magical beasts who have been trained to protect the caravan. Each beast takes four c-rank hits to down while dealing c rank damage per strike.

    Boss: 4x Mage Escorts
    These 'characters' are your only true problem on this quest, they are actual C-rank mages with health and damage values to match, they will attack multiple times a post and they will use their magic in an attempt to take you down. Also very likely one specializes in healing or defense.

    Reward: C rank exp and 7,000 jewels.

    ~~Credit: Fluffy



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