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    We Don't Stalk, We Kill


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    We Don't Stalk, We Kill Empty We Don't Stalk, We Kill

    Post by HirokoD 21st March 2018, 9:58 am

    We Don't Stalk,
    We Kill

    @tag, NOTES

    "I think we might need some money master Hiroko." Spoke a red and black dressed female with a huge floating head next to her. Her name was Sally, and she was actually a very young looking girl who dressed quite strangely. But why did she call Hiroko master? That was simple. Hiroko, now able to use living magic, had created this girl on his own. He was slowly merging with the dark abilities of the black arts; however, he was still very far from his real goal. Hiroko was looking for the secret behind magic itself. He had studied the lost magic on their own as well as the black arts, but he was sure the way to the understanding of magic was behind the "demon's eye". A powerful magic that allowed one to not only use the black arts, but also to find the depths of magic.

    "Are we really that short?" Asked Hiroko as he placed his book on the desk in front of him. The library in the Nightmare guild was actually very big and had quite some material. Hiroko was probably who spent the biggest amount of time there and was usually able to keep it empty by acting merely intimidating to anyone else. "Yes Master, but I found this." Said Sally as she extended her arm with a paper. The paper was nothing but a task, not exactly well paid, but it was very easy and had enough money for Hiroko to keep reading for a few days. "Okay, that looks acceptable." Said Hiroko as he stood up and pushed his chair back to its original place. "Sally, you are coming with me, your magic might be very relevant today." Sally respectfully nodded in response and followed Hiroko to the exit of the guild. It was the first time Sally left the nightmare guild territory, and while she was actually quite excited, she hid it in her naive personality.

    Hiroko and Sally walked around 72 hours straight before the arrived at Magnolia. They were actually not tired at all once they arrived. They both had very high physical capabilities and sleeping, while they sure enjoyed it, was not part of their daily routine anyway. "Sally, make us invisible, please." Said Hioko as he extended his elbow towards sally for her to grab it and walk together. "Yes Master." Said Sally as she took Hiroko's arm and walked side by side with her giant head-like creature behind them. They were now walking inside a 1 meter radius bubble. Anyone outside such bubble would not be able to see anyone inside it. If the giant head was not as intriguing as it actually was, maybe the spell would not have been necessary, however, most people would freak out after seeing a meter big floating head in depression.

    After a nice walk through the town, letting Sally take a look the nearby houses and buildings, they arrived at a blue house. Whoever posted the job request left his address for further instructions. Hiroko and sally both walked to the door letting their spell banish as no one was walking nearby the house. In fact, it was dark, almost midnight, and people would simply not walk through those streets at that time. The door opened letting a thin young man show up. "You must be the dark mages I hired." Hiroko was surprised at how easy he just said that. What if they actually were rune knights or even just his neighbors? Hiroko had only seen that man for a few seconds and he was already irritated by his stupidity. Hiroko nodded and the man around his 20s let them in. Sally and Hiroko walked apart each other to look around the house. They had to be careful since they were, of course, dark mages and to set a trap like that to capture them would not be too out of the normal.

    "So, what do you want us to do exactly? I read something about stalking." Said Hiroko as he inspected a box of cigarettes nearby. The whole place smelled like tobacco and was not exactly pleasant to Hiroko. "I need you to stalk my ex-girlfriend." Both Sally and Hiroko were a bit disgusted by such petition, but they completely hid their emotions and waited for all their instructions. "And I'm going to need proof, so take my camera and take a picture of her panties." That last part completely freaked out both Sally and Hiroko. They were talking to a complete pervert who was not only that but was also incredibly stupid in more than a few ways. "Okay, got it." Said Hiroko as he took the camera from the man's hand. "It should not be that hard Master, we'll do it quickly." Said Sally as she joined both Hiroko and the man. "I'm Steven by the way." Said the man as he stretched his hand towards Hiroko. Hiroko, however, just turned around and completely ignored Steven's presentation. "Lets go sally." Said Hiroko. And before Steven could say anything else, they were both out of their house. The last words they heard were "Wait, I did not give you her address." However, they needed no help to find her.

    Sally had inspected the house pretty well and found an address near some pictures. It was very obvious at the moment it was his girlfriend's address. The girl they were hunting was actually not too far away. They walked only a few minutes before reaching a brown house. It had a beautiful yet simple facade. They walked towards the entrance and climbed the stairs to the front porch. They gently pushed the door noticing it was not locked and heard some moaning near the bedroom door. "I can't believe the bad timing we are having." Said Hiroko as he closed his eyes to try to ignore and even block such noises. "Sally, please wait here and block anyone from coming here. Set an illusion as well." Said Hiroko as he obtained a nod as a response. He slowly and quietly walked towards the bedroom door, making the inside activity each time more obvious. He arrived at the door and took a deep breath since he just did not want to see what was happening inside. And after a few seconds to grab some courage, he pushed the door open and walked inside.

    "Wow wow wow." Said the man inside the sheets of the bed. The room was painted yellow and had two persons in the pink bed. It was obviously the girl's room. After taking a better look, Hiroko noticed the girl beneath the man was Steven's ex-girlfriend. She was easy to recognize after seeing her in some pictures back at Steven's place. "Sorry, don't want to bother, just gotta take a few pictures of your panties miss." He said as he walked towards the drawers. "What is wrong with you pervert." Said the man as he instantly got up and ran naked towards Hiroko. The man was actually quite muscular and good-looking, but his naked lower half was not exactly well gifted. He ran in an attempt to punch Hiroko, but the illegal mage decided it would be better to eliminate him as fast as possible to avoid any noise. Hiroko opened his palm and just slapped the man in the chest. "Tag." Said Hiroko as the man was violently thrown at the bedroom wall, bluntly damaging him and instantly killing him. "Sorry, maybe I exaggerated a little." Said Hiroko as the naked body fell to the ground with no life left. Blood dripped from the body's mouth and head as the girl started to scream. Hiroko however just opened the drawers one by one until he found the panties. "I'm sorry your ex-bodyfriend is such a freak, but that is actually kind of your fault isnt it?" Said Hiroko as he took the pictures he needed and releasing a flash across the room. "I'll let you live, but if you ever speak about me, I will kill you." Said Hiroko as he girl stopped screaming and just fainted beneath her blankets.

    Hiroko stepped outside the house back to Sally and again offered his arm for her to walk with. "How did it go, master?" Asked Sally. "Could have been better I guess." Said Hiroko as they walked back to Steven's house. Once they arrived, they knocked on the door again. Steven opened the door in surprise. "That was fast. But the idea was to stock her, not only to get the pictures." Hiroko pushed his way inside and made a hand sign to Sally. She then walked towards the kitchen and turned the stove halfway, letting gas flow from it and slowly stink the house. "We did Steven, what do you want to know?" Steven looked down before speaking. "Is she with another man?" He asked. Hiroko was disgusted but quickly answered the question and threw the phone at him. "Not anymore, really. Anyways, we want our money." Said Hiroko before Steven reached for a small yellow envelope. "Here." Hiroko took it and called Sally. They both walked out the door, quite slowly since they wanted to see their last work before actually leaving. "Was it a good evening master?" Asked Sally. "Not really, but this might cheer me up."

    Just after Hiroko's words, the house exploded. Steven was an obvious smoker and he probably just used a lighter to start a small spark, strong enough to use the gas around the house as fuel. "Beautiful." Said Sally. Hiroko smiled and turned taking Sally with him. "Make us invincible."

    Notes; WC (1601/1500)



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