[Character Job] Dunes of the Moon


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    [Character Job] Dunes of the Moon

    Post by Cirven on 20th March 2018, 6:21 pm

    Job Title: Dunes of the Moon
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: Cirven Mizune and Adalinda Ortinbras
    Job Requirements: 8,000 words each
    Job Location: Desierto
    Job Description: There is a story of a city called Lunula hidden inside of Desierto. The story speaks of the city being a vibrant one where people would go to experience the traditions of the area. It was known for being a place rich with activity among other things but there always being a dark side to every coin. One of the past rulers of Lunula became a warlord that tried to take over Earthland. He sacrificed his own men and more just to further his own selfishness and forced that people of Lunula to become his soldiers. The people were forced to use dark magic in order to please their ruler. The ruler himself would later use a dark magic that caused the city itself to become the summoning ground for a great and powerful demon that threatened the world with its presence. During the ceremony to summon this demon, the people of Lunula were attacked by the government in control of Desierto at the time and the demon was imprisoned in the city as well as the evil ruler being killed. It seemed as though everything could go back to normal but their was a price for the demon being imprisoned. A curse was set over the city that made it so the city trapped those inside of it and prevented the city from basking in the shining light of the sun. The curse made the city a prison for those who were born there and did not allow them to leave as well as hiding the city from the sight of those who were able to bask in the sun.

    The story is a folk tale but there have been recent reports of a city appearing out of no where somehow in the darkness of the night, under the light of the moon. A contractor has offered a job to Black Sails to investigate these sightings which was taken by a curious CEO and his new hand picked mentee.


    The enemies for this job will be made up by those taking the job as they go.

    Reward: 30k Jewel


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    Re: [Character Job] Dunes of the Moon

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