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    Post by Desirée Blooms on 17th March 2018, 10:30 am


    "When everything was life and death
    You may feel have felt like there was nothing left
    Instead of love and trust and laughter
    What you got is happy never-after
    But deep down all you wanted was love
    The pure kind we all dream of
    But we cannot escape the past
    Unless we try to heal our wounds."

    The world of dreams was a vast meadow of white and gentle flowers caressing the morning skies of a Thursday. The way that the words from the sky caused the soft daisies sprouting from the ground to glisten with morning dew was magnificent, and slowly dampened the long river of blue hair that projected outward from the head of the girl laying in the mass of white. However, these words boomed from the heaves that reigned above the world of dreams at this hour; they reigned down with clear gusts of air, along with shimmering beads of light that reflected off of the luminescent sky. These words... they sounded familiar, but also immensely soothing; they sounded like a mother talking to her child, running her hands through their long, blue hair. The eyes of the Crystal lying in this field of flowers shone green and white, just like two larger flower fields; the yellow pollen of the flowers shimmering around the eyes like shooting stars. Desirée had heard this voice somewhere before, but it sounded unlike any other voices she had heard within dreams. It sounded immensely realistic, as if someone was speaking directly to her out of the world of dreams. But how was that possible without the use of magic onto her body? The last time the Guild Master had remembered, she had fallen asleep on one of the concrete formations outside of one of the lily pools in the Guild Hall; she did not remember anyone being able to do such a magical feat residing within Crystal Swan. Looking up toward the sky where the lights had shone downward, a figure began to emerge out of where these words boomed from, a small pond of purple hair being what projected from their head in the form of a ponytail.

    The voice was definitely from someone that she had known, being that it was of her mother. It was not of Lele, her adopted mother; but of Renée, the woman in which gave birth to her and essentially was there when her life was attempted to be ruined. Her mother was by no means the type of person to be similar to the idol's father in the slightest, in fact she was slightly abused by her husband. However, she did nothing to stop Goody from ruining Desirée's life in the slightest, and helped him abuse her and drop her off in the woods all alone. Both of her parents were seen in her eyes as evil and disgusting filth, along with the rest of her family. In spite of this, the woman speaking that appeared to be her mother held sincerity in her voice, something that Desirée knew she was not able to do in the form of a lie; it was something that her mother was never able to do, lie. She always stood quiet while Goody did the terrible things to the blue-haired idol, including the day they dropped her off in the middle of the woods to die. As the purple-haired woman emerged from the luminescent skies above, she seemed to float downwards as she spoke, her words echoing through the soft fields of sheep and white blooms. "I love you, my daughter. I have things I wish to meet with you about, in which are anything but terrible," her mother said as a tear began to fall down her cheek, appearing as a cascading waterfall that seeped down the skies into the ground below her, "You will see a shimmering crescent moon in the distance with four golden stars around it. I wish for you to come there as fast as you can. I know you will be hesitant, but I wish this more than anything... it has taken me two months to work up to courage to ask you to do this. We all wish to talk to you, my beautiful singer. My star."

    The words echoed through her mind, so much so that the Guild Master immediately shot upward from her sleep and began to look around. The Guild Hall looked to only have a few people in there, eating breakfast and watering the flowers that sat on the tables. Wiping the moisture that coated her face, Desirée looked down at her hands to see rainbow-colored liquid coated them; they were tears. "Please.." a voice echoed through her head, the same as in the dream, "Follow the shimmering moon with the four stars surrounding." The tears could not stop flowing. The voice had appeared outside of the dream, meaning that it was indeed a sentient being speaking to her; it was not Kiwi or Strawberry, as they lay sleeping upon the ponds' flowers along with Pitaya. It was not anyone in the guild, as they looked to be speaking to each-other. But who was it able to be? Picking up her hat and placing it onto her head, she quickly ran outside and looked toward the horizon in the distance; wiping away her tears, exactly what they had asked her to follow was there in the sky, shimmering greatly as the sunrise had hit. A beautiful crescent moon with four stars sparkling within its transparent parts. The idol's heart began to ache, was it truly her mother? Was she really trying to reach out to her for so long? Did she really wish to see her after everything that she had assisted her father in doing, and forgive her of those actions? She spoke of that it was difficult for her to reach out in the form of a dream, but was it really worthy of forgiveness? She was the second person to blame for how her childhood was ruined. However, if it wasn't her mother, she most likely would not have went through with going. She decided that she would go at that exact moment, with all of her gear in-tact.

    Desirée was lucky that she had fallen asleep fully clothed and with all of her weaponry secured, as she did not even warn her pets that she was going there; in a split second, exerting her magical power in full, her body was immensely coated in the colors of aurora and quickly shot into the sky at immense speeds. These speeds were nearly as fast as a shooting star itself, her body leaving an immense trail of northern lights with each mile she crossed in seconds of flight. The waters that Crystalli was crossing over soon switched into cities, and back into waters and so on. The idol was moving at such fast speeds that if one were to look up from the surface of the earth to the sky, they would most likely mistake her for that of a shooting star. But would anyone wish upon her? The moon was nearing closer and closer, and it appeared to grow in much larger detail as to what it was being produced from as well as where. It looked to be shooting upward from a small city, that of which was producing a beacon from one of the rooftops. The house in which the beacon was shooting up from looked to be large and in various different colors of brown and beige, the town itself being surrounded by fields of flowers and plant-life that looked to be easily navigated through. As for the beacon itself, it looked to be being shot up from a rooftop window, that of which was opened and being channeled from inside. Shooting at light-speed, Desirée landed in-front of the door onto her feet in a swift motion, her colors around her body slowly vanishing and making her appear as her typical self with shining red eyes.

    Unsheathing her sword and holding it in one hand, the flower that stood within her hair twinkled with the sun hitting it as she briefly knocked on the door. As she held the saber tightly in hand, it shimmered with golden energy slightly, the silver of the metal appearing as gold as it fluctuated up and down. Her eyes definitely changed with mood, and because they shone red, those that looked into them would be able to tell that she was possibly nervous if they were able to associate colors well. After a few seconds of waiting, one of the blinds that sat within a window sitting near the door slid open, and green eyes could be seen looking out for a few seconds. A quick look before they shut once again, the door was heard to unlock, and with that it opened. Standing in the doorway looked to be a younger girl, thirteen or so, wearing a sundress with a flower in her blonde hair that appeared to be orange with pink accents. Her eyes did not appear to be afraid of the blade that was pointed toward her in the slightest, she simply stared down at it before looking back up at the blue-haired girl. "Please... follow me," the girl began to speak, turning around toward a hallway that stretched behind her toward a larger portion of the house, "Aunt Desirée." The girl turned around, her hair which was tied up into a bun showing from the back with flowers coating where it would meet the slicked-back hair. As she turned and the light from the blade reflected onto her body, a green tattoo showed on her wrist; it looked to be similar to a guild mark, but had five pieces. It looked like a crest of sorts, and it looked like it had significance. Similarly, the mat toward the front of the house had the same marking on it, but in a black color. Two crescent moons on the bottom with a triangle shooting out from them connected, along with two pieces of three blades toward the top. It looked incomplete.

    Being called an 'Aunt' caught Desirée off guard, as she was entirely unaware that one of her siblings had children. That, and the fact that she looked to be a newly-turned teenager; her siblings were nearly fourteen years older than she was. Her twin sisters were thirty-two, to be exact, much older than the Guild Master. However, the thing that caught her most off guard was the marking that appeared on her arm. Was it a guild mark? It was unrecognizable, something that she had never seen before. If it was a guild, it must have been new, dark, or independent. Following the girl as they walked down the hallway in a non-quick manner, the girl began to speak to her quietly, keeping her face situated downwards as they walked. "You can lower your weapon, we don't mean harm. I am Rain Kora, daughter of Suzy and Lance. Although, you most likely don't know of my father as of yet." she said as she made a turn to the right and then to the right again, beginning to walk down stairs that lead to an underground portion of the house. She did not lower her weapon. The house appeared to be very beautifully decorated with white and wooden builds, and was very clean. It was also very large, being that it had multiple stories and lead underground as well as into the sky with stairs. Following the girl down the stairs, there seemed to be a door toward the bottom that had the same tattoo sprawled across it; but the most noticeable thing was what could be heard behind the door. Speaking, between female voices.

    Opening the door, Rain walked inward and sat down at the table that was situated in the middle of the room, pulling the chair inward as she let her hair down to long lengths. The room looked to match the aesthetic of the upper rooms quite well, and was fairly small. It was a designated meeting room, that of which supported six chairs at a singular table in which was very long. Sitting on the farther side of the table were three women, in order from right to left; Suzy, Renée, and Lyra. Sitting across from them in order from right to left were Rain, and empty chair presumably to sit Desirée, and an unknown girl with long brown hair and what appeared to be a pointed hat with a large pink flower being produced from the front. As Desirée walked in, she supported an extremely serious look to her face as her eyes supported a crimson color; her saber was pointed directly toward her mother, glowing tremendously. A smile followed by a tear running down her face, Renée's hands cupped around her heart, her faded-purple turtleneck covering most of her body wrinkling. "You... you came," she cried, as Lyra began to softly rub the side of her shoulder in order to console her, "please sit down, my star." her mother told her with a smile, as she placed her hand on the empty mat that did not support a colored tattoo like the rest. Renée's was purple, Suzy's was red, The brown hair's was orange, Lyra's was yellow, and Rain's was green. Sitting down while holding her blade high, Desirée stared into her mother's eyes, purple meeting with crimson. "Why now?" Two words were spoken from her mouth, two immensely powerful words. Lowering her blade and placing it on the table, a golden surge coated it for a moment before fading, it still being directly pointed toward the purple-haired woman sitting across from her.

    "I... I thought you would wish to know that I am no longer married to Goody, your father. We were divorced two months ago, after I couldn't handle his abuse any longer." A tear rolled down her eyes, as she looked toward the mat that was situated in-front of her. "Like how you have been ever since you were left in the woods, we are now also hunted with a bounty on our heads by your father. We no longer associate ourselves with him at all, and we fight back, just like how you killed all of his men the day they attacked the guild of Summoner's Stone." Desirée's eyes widened at this comment; her mother had known of the attack the day it had happened. "I intercepted many of the attacks he tried to pull on you, but that one was too secretive. He planned many on the guild of Black Rose while you were in it, but those were extremely easy to terminate. Now, he is targeting us, in addition to your new guild in which you are the master of, Crystal Swan. We are immensely proud of you for developing your own guild, it is truly beautiful to be able to remark on. This being said, we have been working to intercept every attack he has been planning on your guild, in which every interception has been successful." her mother told her, as Desirée simply looked at her with a shocked face. Her father had been trying to target her for this long, and they had been protecting her for years? "But how... our family has never held magic in our blood.." a tear rolled down the Guild Master's face, as Renée shook her head in response. "We have always held magic, we just never told you, as you were too young. We never showed our magic around the kids... We did not naturally get our magic, but it was a tradition to give the children slayer lacrimas when they turned the age of twelve," she began to state, "I hold in my body a unique lacrima produced by the dragon of dreams. It is how I contacted you earlier, as my magic allows me to do so. It is how we now track your father along with his attacks. Goody holds a lacrima in which he contracted right before your birth, that of the god of hell. It allows him to perform the act of necromancy, accessing the corrupted souls of hell to fight on his side. It is what drove him to his corruption, being that he became one of those corrupted souls in the act of using that magic. He was not always like how he was to you."

    "Suzy holds a lacrima produced by the demon of the stars, and Lyra holds a lacrima produced by the god of the moon. Your lacrima would have been of the dragon of the oasis, which would have held light and water together as one. Your nieces, Rain and Crystal, hold special lacrima as well. Rain holds a lacrima of the garden dragon, and Crystal holds the lacrima of the dragon of witchery. However, you are a summoner, correct?" the purple-haired woman asked her, as Desirée shook her head. "I hold two lacrima within me, one of the aurora demon and the other being of the elder white dragon. I used to be a summoner, until a shooting star fell on-top of my body and granted me the magic of the northern lights." The last time the family had seen her was months ago, whenever she had came to get her legal documents signed to separate her from the family. However, they were now back here once again, something she did not expect to ever have to face again. Turning her hand over to reveal her Crystal mark, the auroran lights began to feed out of it and into a shimmer of blue and green magical energy, illuminating the room greatly. "With this lacrima came the loss of my humanity, as I am no longer human. I am a Crystal, a species of being that resides within the Earth's atmosphere with immense magical power. My Crystal name, Diamond, represent my ruling status as the Queen. I am immortal, and cannot die." she told her mother as she nodded in response, reaching to touch the marking and feel its smooth texture. "I saw this in your dreams frequently, dear. I just thought it was your imagination, not reality. It is an interesting concept, something that I find quite beautiful. Thank you... for sharing this with me." she told her daughter before raising her left sleeve of her turtleneck, showing the tattoo in which she had saw earlier on Rain and on the mats of her doorstep and this very table. Like her mat, her marking was also purple, symbolizing that each of the girls sitting at this table wore one of these markings in symbolization of something... like the marking, there were five of them, as there were five sections.

    "This is the mark of True Blooms, our team of five that vows defend our lives from the corruption of Goody Blooms and to bring him to his downfall. We contacted you because we wish for you to join our ranks, and complete the mark of six." Renée stated, as she removed an object from her pocket that appeared to be similar to that of a guild stamper. Removing her saber from the table, Desirée placed it within the sheath on her back and stared at the mark, debating if she really was to have it placed on her body or not. Everything in which her family at this table served for was for her along with themselves; it was beautiful, it nearly brought a tear to her eye. With this information being told to her today, her opinion changed greatly of her family. The corruption was revealed to lie within the men of the family, as this group was entirely of women. Pulling up the sleeve of her shirt on the right side, she nodded in response. A smile rose from her mother's face as she leaned over the table and pressed it onto the skin, following with a blue flash of light and the mark being revealed on her skin. The five parts turned into six, being a new part toward the top in the shape of a diamond. With that, all of the mats of the table began to glow and produce the new marking, along with the tattoos among the six girls. Everyone at the table expressed happiness; even the Guild Master.

    "This place is the official headquarters of True Blooms, a place in which you are always welcome to come to. It is also where we reside, now that we do not live in the old Blooms Manor. Upstairs is your own room as well, that of which you can personalize to your liking. I am so glad that we were able to talk this out, Desirée. Thank you so much for forgiving me of what I did to you, I... I love you more than you will ever know!" Renée exclaimed, as she burst out of her chair and ran toward the blue-haired idol, hugging her extremely tightly as they met. The rest of the girls followed, and before they knew it, it was an entire group hug. "I love you too!" tears produced from both of her eyes, as the red in her eyes switched into a blue-green color. Her heart felt better than how it ever felt before; it felt like how a daughter should feel with her mother. The magical presence in the hug was immensely strong, being that a team of six slayers was definitely a force to be reckoned with. Dreams, Lights, Flowers, Stars, Moons, and Herbs; it was a team of beauty and femininity, that of which would be able to take down the corrupt patriarchy of the Blooms family. The hug had finally finished, and they all had found themselves moved out of the meeting room and into the living room, all sitting among the couches like a family would at an event. It was something that the blue-haired girl had never experienced before in her life.... it felt at home.

    "Now that this has all been settled and established, I would love to be able to catch up with everything that you have went through in the years I have not seen you... which has been a lot. There is a very good restaurant down the street, would all of you like to go?" Renée asked the girls, in which all of them had responded to in an agreeing manner except for the idol. Sitting on the couch and brushing her hair with her hands, she secured her hat onto her head along with the pink flower that had sat on the couch as she did so. Her eyes shimmering a bright blue color, she looked down at her shoes and secured them, followed by removing her iLac from her pocket and placing it in her hand. "I would love to!" Desirée exclaimed, as she stood up and followed all of them out of the door.

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