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    Monster Management - A Job-Based Event!


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    Linked topic Monster Management - A Job-Based Event!

    Post by Fluffy on 16th March 2018, 12:28 am

    Monster Management: A Job-Based Event!

    How many players can join in a topic?: 2-5 players may sign up per topic, but you may not have multiple of your own characters in the same topic. There is no limit on sign-ups, meaning everyone will have a chance to do the event. You may only do the event job once per character.

    How much do I need to type? As it's a job-based event there is a set word count based on the highest ranked player! Luckily these are much lower than would normally be needed for the exp being rewarded!

    D: 500 words per player.
    C: 1000 words per player.
    B: 2000 words per player.
    A: 3000 words per player.
    S+: 4000 words per player.

    Where: Any Town/Village in Fiore

    Synopsis of Event/What's going on: After the mages successful pushing back of the monsters into their own territory, and even further eliminating their numbers, the Magic Council has declared the emergency over. With the monsters seemingly beaten down into submission everyone had gone back to their usual. Some time after, however, magical circles have appeared in random towns and villages throughout Fiore for no reason. No one knows who is creating them, and the Magic Council is now asking for any mage to go and research them to find out what is going on.

    Upon arrival, and just catching site of the circle, you quickly find out that it is a summoning circle. This knowledge is bestowed upon you because it immediately flares up in a bright light before releasing swarms of creatures upon the area you are in!

    *Any mages who came at the call of the Council will be fighting a massive amount of enemies. There are hundreds, even thousands if you wish, though they will always be pretty easy to kill individually. You may choose to allow a village to be ravaged by these swarms, or fight against them, but the Magic Council will know what you have done from reports if you are not careful here. Please note that the monsters will always be aggressive towards you no matter your alignment/alliance for this event. They are a swarm meant to annihilate this locale and do not care about your opinion on it.*

    No NPC allies/enemies.

    You must roll at least one swarm to fight, but if you do not wish to roll you may pick one or more swarms to deal with.


    Weak: Flame Minions
    The weakest of all the monster hordes you could run into. These creatures possess no magic, instead dealing minimal melee damage when they hurt you. They have no resistances, but be careful not to touch their burning bodies! They will cause fires and attempt to latch onto anything, including people, to try and burn stuff up!

    Normal: Rat Swarm
    A massive amount of small dog sized, disease bearing, rats has begun to overrun the area! Try not to get bit, and make sure any food they got into is taken care of as it will be filled with contagious disease. They will attempt to eat anything flesh based, including people, if they are not stopped.

    Strong: Mini-Goblins
    The typical goblin, but only a foot tall! The swarm of them wield melee weapons that are akin to strong+ weapons, allowing them to hurt those they find while trying to loot for anything shiny they can take as they attack.

    Boss: Hellwasp Swarm
    A swarm of creatures thought to only be seen in the nightmares of those afraid of bugs. These large wasps pack a powerful sting that nauseates anyone that is struck. Not only that, but they seem to be able to crawl into the mouth of those that had died and control the bodies of them, including any abilities they may have had. This includes mages, Rune Knights, or even physical puppets that may be around. Be careful, and watch out for surprises caused by this.

    Rewards: Exp of player rank, team and guild bonuses may apply. (H+ get 10 year exp.)
    Jewels according to rank of player;
    20k jewels to each player. (40k jewels for H+)



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