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LoreFolk: 18+| American Cryptids & Supernatural Creatures| Slice of Life|


Star LoreFolk: 18+| American Cryptids & Supernatural Creatures| Slice of Life|

Post by LoreFolkStaff on 15th March 2018, 10:27 am

LoreFolk: 18+| American Cryptids & Supernatural Creatures| Slice of Life| DAEwsKk

Greetings from Lore, State of Nowhere, USA.
Lore is a safe haven for everyone who feels a little bit different, a home for those that don’t quite fit in anywhere else.

The Lore Folk are creatures rumored to exist only in folklore, fairytales, myths, and legends, individuals gifted with strange and uncanny abilities, and those that stumbled into the city by mistake and have never left.

Lore is not a secret.

It is a well-known destination in the supernatural community. Supernatural creatures from all over the world travel to this liminal space located in the United States to see the sights, set up shop, and spend some time away from the The Real World. Lore is famous for its various festivals, expansive library, and some of the best medical and magical treatment in North America.

The Folk of Lore have turned this Liminal Space into a place both whimsical and terrifying. Untold stories and undiscovered lives await those who take the wrong exit off a highway, miss their subway stop, or get lost in the stacks of an old library. Whether you have been looking for a place to belong your entire life or stumble here by accident, you are finally home.

There is only one question: How will you arrive?

. . .

Best Described as a Supernatural Slice-of-Life, LoreFolk is a modern 18+ RP centered around the lives of American cryptids, fearsome critters, supernatural creatures, gifted humans, and other folk who stumble into the liminal city of Lore.

With no wordcount or species restrictions, LoreFolk places an emphasis on plotting, collaboration, and creativity.

Welcome Home.


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Star Re: LoreFolk: 18+| American Cryptids & Supernatural Creatures| Slice of Life|

Post by ivyleaf33 on 15th March 2018, 7:28 pm

Linked back.


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what the hell's going on, can someone tell me please? why i'm switching faster than the channels on tv?

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