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Message from Fugue State

FS Staff

Star Message from Fugue State

Post by FS Staff 15th March 2018, 5:17 am

Hello, hello.
I could not, for the life of me find a chat, or cbox to post this in.

I'm reaching out from the staff from the site Fugue State.

We have rules regarding our advertising. We allow a site to post once a month. Any more ads posted up after that will be removed. Please, please, please pay attention to your postings because I've removed multiple already.

For reference, the first post was done on March 3rd.

Please do not post before April 3rd. The pattern continues as such after that.

We do this so that every site has a chance and it makes it all fair. Please keep this in mind not just for our site, but other sites that follow a similar rule.

Thank you so much and we wish you the best of luck.

Star Re: Message from Fugue State

Post by Guest 15th March 2018, 10:08 am

Noted! We apologize for the multiple postings. If it happens again, please do not hesitate to post on our Guest Relations thread, and if you have the name of the advertiser(s), do let us know so we may personally address this with them.

Thank you for letting us know! (:
And again, we apologize.
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