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    A New Arrival(Guild Intro)[Open]

    Ruben Seranus
    Ruben Seranus

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     A New Arrival(Guild Intro)[Open] Empty A New Arrival(Guild Intro)[Open]

    Post by Ruben Seranus on Wed 14 Mar 2018 - 17:37

    Ruben walked through the crowd,in an extremely happy mood. He didn't know why,but he assumed because he is finally joining the guild. "This place is so packed. Everyone must be excited and filled with energy like I am." He felt some movement on his arm. He looked and saw Sin out and trying to talk to him. "Good Morning Sin! Are you excited too? I just can't wait to get there. I wonder if there are people already there. What time is it?" Ruben searched around for something to tell the time. He tapped someone on the shoulder. "Hello Sir. Do you know what time it is? Oh. Hey Sin,good news. We have plenty of time. The place where I have to go is close. You stay in your spot. You may be invisible but your still tangible. We need to get there without accidentally hitting someone." Ruben pointed towards a random building. "If that is a bar,than to the left should be the spot." And with that,Ruben was off.

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