Fire of Ambition [intro-open to all FT]


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    Fire of Ambition [intro-open to all FT]

    Post by Meister on 14th March 2018, 9:23 am

    Tristan sat at the bar, staring somewhat glumly into the bottom of his beer glass. The tankard looked entertainingly small compared to his massive hands, his snowy white hair hung over his eyes looking rather bored and in truth he really was. He had been in the guild for a little over a week and although he had always adored Fairy Tail and stood by them even during their removal from the legal guild roster, he had imagined it being much more... Lively. He hummed a tune whilst tapping his glass and looked around the guild hall.

    He noticed several people just sitting and chatting, a few people watching a somewhat gobby match of chess and a few people training in the corner whilst a few others, like himself were just necking booze like it was going out of fashion. It was his eighth pint and it was starting to tickle him a little bit, taking note of the sensation he also realised his legs had fallen asleep from sitting at the bar for so long. He twitched irritably before sliding off the bar stool and shaking his legs off, taking another chug of beer to finish the remains; "I... I will have one m-more please!" He chuckled happily placing some coins on the bar. His huge frame stretched out before relaxing to lean gently against the bar still humming his little tune.



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    Re: Fire of Ambition [intro-open to all FT]

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 19th March 2018, 8:04 pm

    Fairy Tail was a changed guild – Sorano doubted that anyone could deny that. No longer the wild band of ruffians who ran around blowing places up, things were quieter. Each member was more independent, focusing on their own pursuits and coming together only in times of need, the letter mage was never sure if they had made the right choice in turning the problem guild into such an efficient, controlled place. While it certainly did wonders to repairmen fees that had to be paid, it felt very different from the crazy guild under Ken’s leadership that Sorano had initially joined.

    However, despite all the changes the little place had undergone, some things simply never changed. Whether they were problem children under the eyes of the magic council, disheartened mages exiled from Fiore, a struggling band of four members trying to stay afloat, or busy mercenaries, the guild absolutely loved their booze. Sorano had only reached fifteen years old recently, now being allowed to drink, but the beverage her guildmates so loved had never quite called to her. The bar was always well-stocked with all manner of liquor though, and someone could always be seen ordering a drink. Today, walking by the bar to get herself an herbal tea for another long night of work, the guild master would notice one of the newest faces downing his own fair share.

    “Oh, hello. Tristan, is that right? Have we been formally introduced yet?” She didn’t recall having initiated the man into the guild yet, but there was always possibility that either Ezra or Mura had given him the mark.

    (Sorry, this is really bad quality and really late, but we're kinda drowning in intros right now :') )


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