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    [Job] Time To Get A Passport

    Atuzite Fumus
    Atuzite Fumus

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    [Job] Time To Get A Passport Empty [Job] Time To Get A Passport

    Post by Atuzite Fumus 11th March 2018, 8:33 pm

    Atuzite didn't want to be here but unfortunately if he wanted to have a alibi to be in other lands the passport was the easiest way to do that. Why did his line of work have to be so difficult why can't he just be told to go kill someone, kill that person, and get paid but no his contractors can't have even the smallest chance it would lead back to them. Well whatever he's here now better to just get it over with. The only problem he had seen with getting his passport was his guild he isn't sure if his guild would be accepted or not he'll find out soon.

    As he walked down the street to where 2 impossibly long lines which he guessed were the passport lines. As he got closer he talked to Dreogan telepathically "Go steal me some coffee and food were gonna be here awhile" "Sure thing boss" Dreogan replied and slithered towards a nearby coffee shop. As he continued down the road to the lines a police wizard stopped him to ask "Sir I'm gonna have to ask you to take off your gas mask for security purposes". Usually he would say the gas mask is the only thing keeping him a live but before he had nothing to lose if he got caught but now if he would be found out it would hurt his guilds reputation if even a little he wouldn't allow it.

    He quickly reached up to his gas mask and took it off to reveal his heavily scarred face. "Could you hold this for me while I get my passport as I have no place to put it" the cop simply nodded his head took the mask and let Atuzite continue on. As he finally got to the two lines Atuzite noticed why they were split into 2 lines mage and non-mage and it was just his luck to that the mage line was the longest. As he got into line he immediately got shoved from the obese man  in front of him."Back up buddy I need some personal space". Atuzite took a step forward back to where he was before being shoved "Were all here to get a passport tubey so get used to having a smaller space". "Who you calling tubey" the man spoke as he summoned an brown spear from the ground this man is an earth mage.

    Before the earth mage could do anything a whistle blew out and the policeman who took Atuzites gas mask came over and grabbed the earth mage "Come with me" and they took off letting Atuzite take a step forward into the mans spot. Shortly after that Dreogan came back with a cup of coffee wrapped with his tail which looked quite hilarious. Atuzite reached down and took the coffee from Dreogan and Dreogan went off to find some food too. About 5 minutes later Dreogan returned again with a bag of popcorn between his mouth. Not much happened for about an hour until the policemen finally returned which by then Atuzite was done with his meal and had sore legs.

    As the policemen returned he approached Atuzite "Hey I'm sorry about that man we found he was drunk but in return you can get your passport done right now if you would like". "Yes I would like that very much" finally after over an hour he would get his passport he thought as he followed the man up to the front. After filling out his information for the passport and luckily finding out before is was too late that only legal guilds counted so he said he was guildless he got hes picture taking for it and was allowed to leave. Before leaving he asked the policemen for his gas mask back which he gave. As Atuzite was putting on his gas mask the policemen spoke "I hope you have a good rest of your day and enjoy having a passport" and with that Atuzite and Dreogan were on there way back to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

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