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    From the Shadows


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    Public From the Shadows

    Post by Elias on 11th March 2018, 5:05 pm


    ??? WORDS @idek
    pls have mercy orz
    The taste of iron was prominent, discarded as a reminder upon the tongue. Lips curled barely-- an expression of joy within the crowd, the evening lit not by stars but the thousands of lights which came from lamp posts and still welcoming shops. There was a whirlpool of sensations and smells which cascaded a single individual, nearly making him feel as though he were drowning. As much as the dilemma overwhelmed him however, there had been no implication in the way at which he settled. Every motion easy and elegant, one that could have been considered as normal with the overall convincing appearance of what seemed human. Well-- not that it was exactly a lie. One could not be twisting lies when the half was what kept those from shrilling backwards in fear. Fingers adjusted the coil of a navy blue scarf, motion of feet halting at the corner of a building which towered nearly higher than the rest. Warmth flooded outward, the bustle of activity, though not overly crowded could be seen from windows which gave view.  

    Never changing however, the form shifted slightly towards the inn with the beam still slightly prominent upon his features. "Silver-- Moon, huh?~" bare laughter followed shortly after the words. A flutter of gold traced the darkness, enveloped by blue which glimpsed momentarily upon the outside. It was gone before anyone could see, as fleeting as the fall of meteor into dust. A reflection from light to darkness. He had seemingly changed course, teased by the apparent invitation of a good meal and some place to sleep this evening. It could have been the same as the others-- a business was a business after all, they sought desperately for the appeal which was enough to bring forth the jewels. However, not everything was the same. That logic itself was a boring one, yet the idea it did not exist was even more thrilling.

    Elias was not interested in the exchange to crash upon a bed.

    There was some other objective in mind-- or was there? It was all harmless curiosity that brought him into the inn, moving to the farthest booth which rested in the corner of the place. To the left was a clear image of the outside, to the right sounds of food being roasted against elements of heat and dishes being washed was heard clearly. There were few conversations which were going on yet, it was not so overlapped at which he couldn't hear anything but the buzz of voices suffocating a clear strain of thought. Elias had trouble enough with that already. Not in any rush to seek out attention the eyes continued to peer through the wall of glass, arms rested carefully against the table, chin placed within the comfort of an open hand. So familiar with being inside-- preferable than the outside, he'd nearly forgotten how stirring it was to step out and into the reality he had so cautiously studied.     



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