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    Date Night

    Aura Sparks
    Aura Sparks

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    Date Night  Empty Date Night

    Post by Aura Sparks 11th March 2018, 1:54 pm

    A few days earlier Aura had seen a job on the guild wall that had said, "Please help me, my life is utterly awful and I think I'm going to kill myself if no one can help me. I just need to feel female again. At least for one night so I can be myself once more." Aura then ripped it off the board and is where she is now...a restaurant filled with many happy couples. Aura just sat there awkwardly and read her magical storybook. She was waiting for the girl until a sudden bang comes from the door. It was the girl and it looked like she just fell into a trash bin. Her beautifully colored, red hair was everywhere and it looked like there were pieces of trash in it. Her close was messed up and dirty, so Aura was extremely sure she fell into a trash bin. As the girl came over she said to Aura, "I literally just fell into a trash can, why does the world hate me?" Aura smiled away from the girl, to congratulate herself for guessing the situation. As she looked back Aura reached out her hand towards the girl and said, "Hi my name is Aura." With a smile and blush back the girl introduced herself by saying, "Hi my name is Alora. From what I see, you're very cute." Aura actually blushed a tiny bit as the girl looked down at her menu and started talking about the story of her encounter with the trash can. Aura was surprised by how many twists there were in the story and actually started to believe she was cursed. Once the waiter came the two of them both ordered the same thing at the same time, "Chicken Parmesan." Once again both the girls blushed until Alora completely ruined the mood by saying, "Wow you are so much better than my abusive ex." With that Aura just stayed in a stasis state as she eyed the other girl with her creeped out nature. Aura felt hours pass as she waited for the food. She listened to so many stories about her awful life and Aura actually started feeling depressed. Suddenly the waiter comes and she says in a really high pitched voice, “Oh boy the food is here.” With a gulp she feels a bead of sweat go down her face as she looks at this girl with eyes of sadness. After taking a bite of her food, Aura moaned from the deliciousness of the food that was bestowed upon her. After opening her eyes she saw Alora staring at her with a smile as though she thought the moan was hilarious. As Alora did this Aura blushed and said, “Oops.” They then both laughed the night away as they both told each other awful and embarrassing stories. It felt so wonderful to meet someone who has been through some terrible situations like Aura. Aura then looked down and started to cry because of her thoughts about her family. Alora then walked over to her and kneeled down. Alora then rubbed Aura’s back and said, “What’s wrong?” When Aura looked at Alora she saw pure sorrow in her eyes. As Aura rubbed her tears away she cried and said quietly, “When I was 6 my family died from a fire. I was outside playing while everyone else was getting ready for the gala that night. My baby brother was only 2 and my parents loved me like nobody else. Why did they have to die? Why did I have to hear their screams while they burned? Just why…” As Alora looked at Aura with deep sorrow she hugged her and said to Aura, “It will get better, I swear. We can get through this.” As the night ended Aura walked Alora all the way home and with a swift movement Alora went in for the kiss. As Alora let go Aura had a blush and smile on her cheeks as Alora left to her house. Although the kiss was magical Aura still cried all the way home after she thought about the horrific scene that she lived through when she was 6


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