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    Destroyed Moonshine [Open]


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    Destroyed Moonshine [Open] Empty Destroyed Moonshine [Open]

    Post by Haru-senpai on 10th March 2018, 11:43 pm

    Haru walked up to Silver Moon in and...it wasn't there. After spending almost all of his money to get here...all he saw was a building that looked like it had been hit by one of or several of his own damn spells. A huge yellow sign read 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' in black letters across a metal chain in front of it.

    He'd heard that this place had the best food in Fiore, outside of maybe Hargeon Town. He even had plans to try and get a drink even though he was only 16, but no. Nothing ever worked in his favor. Balling up a fist he decided to try and make the best of it. He'd come here to be alone and try and figure out where all this hatred and anger inside of him was coming from. This feeling of loneliness that spurred the intense rage in him.

    "Well.....I guess I could." he said as he noticed a ladder leaning on the front of the building leading to the roof under construction. Looking around and not moving, and waiting until it was clear. He walked under the chain, moving it with a duck and then jogged up to the ladder. Climbing it quickly with a little rattle as he went up, up, and up, to the top. Pulling himself onto a set of wooden and steel beams. He would walk over to the edge of the roof and then sit on the side of it, away from the front door.

    Letting his feet and legs hang off the side; he would raise one knee and lean an arm on it. The giant amusement park of Rose Garden glittered off in the distance, as balloons and lacrima street laps were lining everything as far as he could see. It was....very beautiful.

    "..........Why don't I feel anything though?" it should make him forget about everything, this type of a sight. A city glittering beneath him. But it only made him reflect more on his own issues. "...............I hope, I make Mom proud one day. She'd probably be ashamed of the way I treat people." he said to no one but himself. "And Rose.....she's even changed my diaper before yet all I do is sass her." why couldn't he admit these things to these people; it was beyond him.

    Then it dawned on him.

    "Am I really that proud?" he asked himself as a roller coaster looped around off in the distance as screams of joy filled the air echoing through the city of Rose Garden. A long sigh was all that was heard as he continued to rest an arm on a knee and watch the city in the distance. He then began to wonder about this place.

    "What the heck happened to this joint?" he asked himself mostly as he looked over his shoulder leaning back a bit. He could see literally everything that was left of the place as he let out a 'hmmm' while looking. It looked like there was a hole in the floor leading right down into some kind of chamber or something. He was probably already trespassing....why the hell not.


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    Destroyed Moonshine [Open] Rose

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